Make the Moon a pixel wide! And More Gun Stuff to Do Online!

5. If the Moon Were Only 1 Pixel

Lets start with the thing that can really take up your time if you don’t hurry. This website shows you our solar system, scaled accurately as if the Moon were only a pixel wide in diameter. Go ahead and try it. Once you’re there, click the button on the bottom right of the screen to move at the speed of light and enjoy the show. Although if you’re in a hurry you can use the buttons on the top of the screen to swiftly move across the Solar System.


4. Infinitely Zooming Image

This one is thought provoking, or it could be relaxing depending on the way you look at it. So visit, and wait for it to load (its hardly a wait, considering what you’re getting in return). Once the site has loaded, use the up and down arrow keys to navigate. This isn’t a simple loop, something which is common in GIFs.

Dont forget to tap F11 to go full screen, then sit back and enjoy.


3. Einstein’s Notebook

Alright, this one might not be considered fun by most of you readers, especially since this is Dragon Blogger Technology & Entertainment . But I’m adding this to the list just for those few who actually might. So this website has scans of Einstein’s actual notebook found in 1955 after his death. You can see this scribbles and crude reminders.

Motion in Curved Surfaces
Motion in Curved Surfaces

2. How fast can you click?

Check out this nifty small browser tool to determine your mouse clicking speed. Open it up and start spamming the CLICK! button as fast as possible for the next 30 seconds. Once its over, compare your results with your friends! The website does not have its own leader boards but oh well.

Doing it for the first time, I got about 2.8 clicks per second which totals up to about 170 clicks in 30 seconds.


1. How far can you go

This one, unlike the rest on the list, might actually be useful to someone. Select your car and see how much you can go after you’re gas light turns on. Of course, this might not be a 100% accurate, and the collection is by no means complete, but if you’re desperate, you can get some idea whether or not you can make it to the gas station.



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