Samepage Collaborative Technology review

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Group coordination is an art form. I just want to say that to start with. Organizing a bike trip, group of friends, sales team, or any more than three people can be nearly impossible. There are a few helpful ways to combat this, and standing near the front of that line is Samepage. Where other software fail is generally in customize-ability. Your group collaboration will only ever be as effective as the person who understands the software the least. If a member of your sales team doesn’t know how to find a critical file then your software, and subsequently your sales team, are not doing their job. Samepage combats this in a very common sense way. You add what you need in a clear and simple format, and nothing else. This might leave some people thinking that the flexibility of Samepage is very limited. Those people are wrong.

Part of the charm of Samepage is that it integrates most of the software we use in our daily lives in a very user friendly way. For instance I can immediately link several of my social media accounts in order to create groups from within my friend lists. So not having to hunt down contact info saves time. In addition, both the app store and Google play have Samepage apps which you can use to check or update your page information during those times when you cannot access the website. In addition, you can also link your Samepage to your Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive in order to pull files directly from wherever you may be hosting them. You can also access YouTube to post relevant videos, or access Google maps to coordinate get together and meet ups. Still, all the access in the world isn’t helpful unless you have some substance to your group.



Initially when a group is created your main focus should be adding people to the group. As I said above, you can draw directly from other social media friend lists to do this. You can also add them via Email, or just send them a shareable link. These methods are all very simple and user friendly. Within only a few minutes you’ll have your group populated. So then comes the actual meat of the group. What information are you sharing and why? If your goal is to coordinate regularly scheduled meet ups, this is fairly simple. Creating an event takes seconds, and adding a locational map is easy with the Google maps integration. Maybe instead of that you want to get everyone on the same page for a big meeting. This is also easy, file uploading is outrageously simple and easy to organize, as are creating task lists, cloud uploading, and you can even add in a spread sheet for all that boring office work you probably love to do (you weirdo). Book club? Schedule the event, post a map link, and write a small book summary for those involved. You can also split the entire page between three separate sections for easy viewing, and anyone in the group can add comments or comment reply’s which means that dialogue within the group is outrageously easy. Creating a well organized group takes seconds. It’s also easy to get rid of these group pages once they are made, so your Samepage isn’t cluttered up with groups that it doesn’t need. Inevitably if you start using same page, you’ll have several groups and you’ll be thinking, “man, how do I keep track of all these groups?”, well you also have a news feed which, unlike the news feeds of any other site on the internet, seems to only tell you exactly what is relevant. So kudos for figuring that one out, Samepage.

So lets say you’re really passionate about bringing people together, but you have NO imagination. They also have sample pages you can completely rip off to create your own pages. Some genius used Samepage to make a chinese-chicken salad recipe, and organized it in a way I would not even have thought of, and I bet it took them less than ten minutes to do. So yeah, ease of access + flexible setup and usability = Samepage. Oh, and did I mention you can just hop onto your Samepage and start dropping in HTML code? Yeah, you can do that too.

Chicken Salad

I know what I’m having for dinner.


So with all of this praise, I as a critic was determined to find something about Samepage I didn’t like. I mean, there had to be at least ONE flaw, right? Well they also have iOS and Android apps, social media sharing and collaboration tools and capabilities and I struggled for about an hour and I finally did find one thing and the only thing that I thought was limiting and that is while you can edit your overhead banner, there aren’t very many pictures to choose from. No, seriously. That’s all I got.

Samepage is great, you should use it and see what it’s all about.  Samepage is free for personal use and only costs if you run a business and want to manage users through the service.  It is something worth checking out if you just want to use something simple, intuitive and put together a page or collaborate on one quickly and share it easily.

Disclaimer: Samepage hired us through Tomoson to try out the service and do a thorough and honest review of Samepage and it’s features.  All opinions are 100% authors and authors alone.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.