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Perixx, a company that has already endeared themselves to me by going above and beyond in the gaming accessories that they create, has been kind enough to give me one of their AX-1200 gaming headsets to test and briefly review. Spoilers, I love it. Starting with the obvious, Perixx knows how to make their gear just look really darn cool. The design looks good and is clearly very comfortable. The padding on the headphones and head band ensure that during longer gaming sessions you will not feel uncomfortable, and the extendable band mean that any (and I mean any) sized head can comfortably fit in these, and still look good doing it. They also fold in for easy storage if you’re a gamer on the go. However all the comfort in the world wouldn’t mean anything unless..

These headphones pump out sound like you wouldn’t believe. Not only are the cushioned ear covers amazing at isolating the ambient sounds around you, so that you can focus on your game, they also have amazing sound quality. I believe this is directly related to the gold plated audio connectors but, unfortunately, that is outside of my realm of expertise. Speaking of the audio jack, it has adapters. You can use it in a standard headphone jack, or detach the adapter and use it in your more professional equipment. So again, Perixx has the multiple functionality box checked.

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So how about the mic? How does that stack up if Perixx has clearly overpaid their R&D department to make these bad boys? Turns out, pretty well. After just a brief test of the build in adjustable microphone I was able to eliminate background noise on it’s lower settings, or record people having a conversation half way across my house on the higher settings. None of my other headsets have ever come close to that range of function. Still, if I had wanted to shush those noisy ne’er-do-wells in my kitchen and had maybe, say, forgotten to take off my headphones, I have no doubt that none of my equipment would have suffered. The adapter pops out easily enough if you tug on it too hard, and you can tug on this cord pretty dang hard. Seriously, it’s not a plastic cable. Perixx locked this thing down with a double braided cable sleeve. In my video, and before my video, I just started yanking on it. I legit wanted to see if I could snap it. I could not. This headset is beastly, and I plan to use mine for a long period of time. Thanks Perixx!

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Want to see my video review? Check out this handsome fella.

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