Plagramme Multilingual Plagiarism Checker Overview

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.

I use plagiarism checkers fairly frequently as a blogger who allows guests and authors to contribute content to my sites.  Plagiarism checkers are not just for those in teacher roles, but are useful if you want to see if the content being submitted or handed in has been used before on other sites.  Content Duplication can cause poor SERP rankings for posts and pages that have published duplicate content, it is really recommended you have 100% unique and original content on every page or post, though this can’t always be the case when you post thinks like product specifications and details where some information may just simply have to be reprinted for accuracy.

Plagramme is a website that offers free plagiarism checking for any content you want to check.

To get started with the site you need to setup an account, you can do this by creating an email/password or signing in with your Facebook or Twitter accounts.  You will be asked to put a valid phone number and have to verify your account via email.

After you verify your email, you can start uploading documents into the system for content plagiarism checking.  I used a guest post provided to my site in a .doc format and uploaded it for testing out the Plagramme content plagiarism checking service.  It takes a while to go through the content and scan online looking for matches.

This particular content after it finished scanning which took around a minute showed that there was 0% duplication found

So I decided to use a 2nd post which I had already published and therefore I knew it will come up as duplicate content found.

As predicted this content came back flagged as High Risk, indicating that there was a high Plagiarism Risk.  It had 7 listed matches, 6% Paraphrase and 0 Bad Citations.

Now, unfortunately that is as far as you can go with the “Free Portion” of Plagramme as far as plagiarism checking.  To get a detailed report, this is where it will cost you, and .70 for a detailed report, $6.95 for an online edition, but you can’t charge less than $5 so you have to put $5 in the system to get even the .70 report.

But wait, you can actually get some free credits by doing some social media sharing in the Freemium section.

So I did a quick Twitter share to get a $1 credit so I can dig further into the detailed report.

Once you get a detailed report you can click on the red text that it finds as duplicate content, and it shows you the source where that text was found.

What I couldn’t find was why it showed 7 matches, and I hover over but there is nothing to click on. It would have been a nice feature to quickly see all 7 sites that matched.

So overall I found the site to be fair, though I would have preferred it also give you the option to cut and paste text content instead of only uploading files.  This was a feature I think it should have, as well as it should give you an exact list of URL’s and specifically which content was found on which site in a summarized view.

For example, when running the same scan on copyscape, it showed the results from numerous sites and the bits and parts of the document from several sites instead of just, yet with Plagramme I was only able to ever click on the text and see it that it matched on  So I think the service could be enhanced for showing more details on locations where the content was matched, even if it doesn’t show exact details, it should reveal the source sites that you can quickly see, then click on the source site and see which content matched.  This and the ability to cut and paste content would be ideal.

In addition the 70 cents per detailed scan is a bit expensive, this cost is somewhat offset that you can get some credits for free by sharing, but if you plan to use the service extensively it needs to be less expensive and more competitive with other services that offer similar features, but at lower prices per scan.   Now, perhaps they have a pricing system based on the amount of content that could help in this area may be an option.

Overall Plagramme was a decent enough plagiarism content checking service, and with a few enhancements can be even better.  I do encourage you to check it out and leverage those free credits before you decide to buy.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.