Playing Tables for Your Kids Entertainment

Growing up when everyone I knew had foosball tables made me wonder if they are still as popular today as they were in the 80’s and early 90’s.  Of course they still are, especially if you have kids and want to keep non-tech options for them to stay entertained and have a little bit of sport with each other.  Foosball tables come in all different quality types and can get expensive like pool tables if you get high end ones with quality wooden finishes and carved players.

High-Quality Foosball Tables

For true foosball fans and people wanting to get their kids into foosball, exclusive quality is always vital. You can find high quality foosball tables at and they are highly innovative.  True carved wood and density of the players makes knocking around the ball more satisfying than when using plastic players and cheap plastic tables for sure and you will notice a difference and enjoy the higher quality foosball tables more.

You can also still get a quality foosball table that is lightweight and are more comfortable to play on with grips for the hand and softer edges if you lean on the table. You can also buy these tables as per your gaming level. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced player, you can just buy the table as per your convenience.

But if Foosball tables are not for you, there are a variety of new and cutting edge gaming tables that still make the rounds and entertain entire families.  Not just air hockey tables which are like foosball tables in that they come in all types of quality varieties and the higher end quality makes for a much better game, you especially want the ones that actually produce airflow to help the puck along.  There are a next generation of gaming tables too and some of those are outlined below.


Table Top AR

An ambitious kickstarter project combines Google VR glasses with a table to make an AR tabletop, this is aiming to be the ultimate for tabletop RPG fans where they may carry their own miniatures with them but can use AR to layer landscapes, terrain and even monsters and opponents.


Interactive Touch Table

Basically a giant tablet table the interactive tables like the ones from MasterVision allow up to 5 users to place fingers/hands on the table and interact at the same time with the table screen.  This could be for digital board games, interactive whiteboard drawing or whatever you can imagine having a TV touch screen as a table surface.

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