PlayStation 4: A Year in Review



As much as last year’s E3 was pretty disappointing for Microsoft, Sony’s E3 however went in the complete opposite direction and it’s only been going up every since. Sony put a stamp on the eighth generation of console gaming by doing everything right for gamers by not requiring them to be connected online in order to enjoy games as well as telling gamers that they can do what they wish with the games that they purchase which in turn caused a joyous cheer from the E3 crowd. Not to mention being very price competitive by being $100 cheaper than the Xbox One (at the time).

The PlayStation 4 released to much anticipation on November 15th of last year and in a 24 hour period the PlayStation 4 had already sold 1 million units. The PlayStation 4 was selling fast and by December 3rd the PlayStation 4 had already achieved 2.1 million in sales worldwide. As far as the games go Killzone Shadow Fall became the best selling game PlayStation 4 game selling 2.1 million copies in January of 2014. The most anticipated exclusive for the PlayStation 4, Infamous: Second Son finally released on March 21 of this year with more exclusives coming such as The Order 1886 and Uncharted 4.

Sony’s console has done nothing but blowout the Xbox One in sales however Microsoft finally came out on top in the month of November 2014 beating out the sales of the PlayStation 4 which is more than likely due to Microsoft lowering the cost of their console down to $349 to be more competitive to that of the PlayStation 4. Sony is still on top in the total sales figures reaching 13.5 million as of September. The race is getting close though for both consoles now with Xbox leading the charge with exclusives, but the one thing that Sony has going for it is the indie game department.

Resogun, one of the best looking indie games on the PlayStation 4. Really shows the power of the PS4.
Resogun, one of the best looking indie games on the PlayStation 4. Really shows the power of the PS4.

Sony made sure this time around to be the leading force in the indie games department starting right off by giving PS Plus subscribers access to two free games on day one. One of those games, Resogun, is one of the highest rated indie games available on the PlayStation 4 which offers fast paced shoot em up action as well as online co-op. Other indie games available that are exclusive to the PlayStation 4 are The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, Don’t Starve, Hohokum, Transistor and Mercenary Kings. There are also a lot of upcoming  indie games on the horizon as well such as Starbound, No Man’s Sky and The Witness.

An all new service provided by Sony, PlayStation Now, was announced at the Consumer Electronics Show back in January which gives games the ability to rent games for at different price levels depending on how long you want to rent the game for. The beta was closed until July when Sony made the beta public. PlayStation Now is still in beta, but the biggest disappointment to PS Now is that some of the games to rent can be more expensive renting them than it would be going to your local video game store and purchasing them. Hopefully Sony introduces a subscription service similar to that of Netflix which is what I was really hoping would be the case.

Share Play is accessible through party chat with the time displayed on how long someone can play.
Share Play is accessible through party chat with the time displayed on how long someone can play.

Back in October Sony released update 2.0 for the PlayStation 4 introducing the new Share Play feature. Share Play allows gamers  the ability to share their games with anyone so long as they have PlayStation Plus. The best part about Share Play is that you are able to play your friends games without even having to have a copy of the game yourself which means you can play through an entire game without even having to purchase it. The only downside is that gameplay sessions are limited to only an hour however you are able to save your progress to the cloud and can jump right back into a new session leaving you where you left off. Also the 2.0 update introduced background themes for the PlayStation 4 that you can purchase right off of the PlayStation Store.

As we enter the second year of this console war I really believe things are starting to pick up. With Xbox One outselling the PlayStation 4 in the month of November and all of these new games coming out the console war is starting to pick up it’s pace. Not only that but with Sony announcing their entrance in the virtual reality by way of Project Morpheus I am really looking forward to seeing where things go for Sony from here and so far I must say that it is looking good from here on out.

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