More Playstation Move Love from Sony at E3

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Sony’s E3 conference was mostly on the subdued side, but much excitement was drawn when the company announced some of its plans for the Playstation Move controller.  The first person shooter community has been crying out for some more Move love since the pickings have been few and far between.  E3 was just the right venue for Sony to answer this call with 2k’s latest title in the works Bioshock Infinite.  Upon the close of the trailer Ken Levine, creative director of Irrational Games, did not hesitate to jump into discussing the motivation to incorporate the Move in Bioshock’s upcoming title.

Image Credit: Irrational Games

Levine described how in a phone conversation with Sony, the executives had managed to strike a chord with him in regards to how the Bioshock universe can have its barrier of entry taken down, without sacrificing its core players.  In a very candid way, he admitted how his initial “uncharitable remarks” about incorporating Move support was due to his dislike of stereotypical motion gameplay: “We don’t do that (Levine makes a mock putt),  we don’t do that (Levine swings an invisible tennis racket) […] we do this (Levine grasps on an imaginary Dualshock controller.)”  The creative director assured Bioshock fans that IG will provide an experience that translates well with the Move and that they were “just starting to get [their] head around what that can mean.”

Once again 2k attempted to garner the attention of Move fans when representatives from 2k’s popular sports franchise NBA 2k took center stage along with a surprise special guest.  Director of marketing Chris Snyder and producer Erick Boenisch showcased gameplay of the upcoming NBA 2k12 that highlighted a new feature called NBA on the Move.  Before I continue allow me to point out that this is not exactly 2k’s first attempt to peg on the Move to the 2k basketball series.  I personally have played NBA 2k11 with a Move controller, which to be frank, left a lot to be desired.  One welcome improvement in this iteration though is the fine-tuning of the passing system, which appears to have a helpful crosshair that allows you to pinpoint the exact player you want to pass to.

What really spiced up 2k’s presentation was when they called out Laker shooting guard Kobe Bryant to come and demonstrate the feature.  Bryant of course donned the jersey of his home team the Lakers and was pitted against the Miami Heat.  Much of it was tongue in cheek, with Bryant see-sawing in his love/hate relationship with the depth of the game.  After the rival team managed to score a 3 pointer against his virtual likeness he barked out: “That’s not realistic at all!”  Regardless, Bryant was more than pleased and gave the game his enthusiastic stamp of approval.


Several other titles, like Medieval Move: Deadman’s Quest, were announced as also having Playstation move support in the year to come.  While the conference is a promising forecast for Move owners, will it be enough to attract new customers to the motion controller?  Only time will tell…

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.