PUCKIPUPPY Electric Bike: Designed to Travel Distances of up to 80 Miles

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E-bikes have become the perfect means of transport for those who want to exercise their body and at the same time travel long distances. One of its main advantages is how the brushless motor can generate enough help for you to overcome high hills smoothly. This is a great advantage if you’re not in great physical condition or just don’t want to push your body too hard. It has certainly become the preferred means of transportation to go to work, university, or to explore new places.

If you want to achieve high speeds on an e-bike, you need to make sure it includes a powerful brushless motor. In this way, you guarantee to travel long distances at an optimal speed. However, to travel long distances on an electric bike, it must include a high-capacity rechargeable battery, as it is also responsible for supplying power to the brushless motor. Other aspects such as the quality of the brakes and tires are also equally important.

If you’re looking for a powerful bike for riding long distances, then the PUCKIPUPPY Electric Bike is one of the best choices. It delivers plenty of power by using a brushless motor that’s paired with a high-capacity battery, resulting in longer travel at speeds above 25 mph. Best of all, PUCKIPUPPY offers great customer service and will be happy to answer your questions. Below, discover the most interesting features of this product.

Main Features of the PUCKIPUPPY Electric Bike

The PUCKIPUPPY Electric Bike stands out for its powerful brushless motor capable of delivering up to 1000 W, allowing high speeds to be reached with relative ease. The powerful brushless motor will also allow you to overcome challenging terrain such as hills with elevations, rugged terrain, sand, and even snow. Without a doubt, it is an electric bike designed to facilitate extended rides without requiring too much physical condition, making it perfect for cyclists of all levels.

While the powerful brushless motor allows speeds of up to 30 mph to be reached, this wouldn’t be possible without a high-capacity rechargeable battery. That’s why the PUCKIPUPPY Electric Bike includes a 48V 20Ah Samsung cells battery that allows you to go up to 80 miles on a single charge. Keep in mind that the actual distance will depend on various factors such as the chosen pedaling mode, terrain conditions, and the weight of the rider. If you choose the pedal-assist mode, you’ll be able to get up to 30 mph, whereas, if you choose the pure electric mode, the top speed will be 20 mph, which is simply amazing compared to other e-bikes.

For smooth handling no matter the type of terrain, you should know that the PUCKIPUPPY electric bike uses a full suspension system that will absorb shocks, thus improving your riding comfort. On the other hand, the hydraulic disc brake system on both tires ensures fast and safe braking. Wide tires will also allow you to drive worry-free, regardless of the terrain; they are also designed to withstand punctures better. Finally, a Shimano 7-speed transmission is used so you can handle the bike without getting tired.

Best of all, PUCKIPUPPY offers a 12-month warranty and personalized customer service that will be happy to answer any questions or problems regarding the e-bike.

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.