Put your Hacking Skills Back to the Test Once Again: Watch Dogs 2 Review

Ubisoft’s last outing with Watch Dogs was under a lot of pressure mostly because of the games many glitches and bugs as well as the game not looking anything like what was shown at E3. The game was a decent first entry for this new IP. People were a bit optimistic however when it came to Ubisoft announcing a brand new Watch Dogs game at this year’s E3. Would this game be what we should’ve had on the first go around? Well, fear not because you most definitely won’t be disappointed.

As Marcus, you and the hacker group Dedsec will take on Blume and other malicious companies.
As Marcus, you and the hacker group Dedsec will take on Blume and other malicious companies.

Watch Dogs 2 has you playing as hacker Marcus Holloway which in my opinion is a much more interesting character than that of Aiden in the first game. Marcus truly defines the hacker lifestyle. He is very much a hipster that he constantly tries to deny being. What I love about his character is that he has a lot more emotion than that of Aiden not to mention a much broader personality as well. Another main character in this game, in my opinion, is the city the game takes place in which is San Francisco. Ubisoft did a fantastic job making the game look as close to the city as possible. You can also venture out into Oakland and Marin. The map is much bigger than that of the first game so you will have plenty of places to explore and hack into.

The game has you working for a hacker group known as “Dedsec” which has a sort of Mr. Robot feel to it. You are trying to gain as many followers as possible in order to shut down Blume, the company that created the cTOS from the first game, which they are back once again this time with cTOS 2.0. You will play a series of missions called “Operations” in which you are either working against Blume directly or other organizations along the way. I enjoy a lot of the references the game makes such as New Dawn which is obviously a video game version of their real life counterpart, Scientology. Those missions I really enjoyed playing as you have to infiltrate the New Dawn Temple and find out their deepest secrets.

Marcus's phone will be used to choosing new missions, using apps and even having a car delivered to you.
Marcus’s phone will be used to choosing new missions, using apps and even having a car delivered to you.

This time around you utilize your phone and it’s many apps that will help you choose new missions, use your map, unlock new abilities by way of Research and you can even purchase new apps by using in-game money that allows for even more new options and gameplay additions.

Unfortunately, as of this writing, I was not able to play the multiplayer because it was unavailable from the start. So I was not able to hack other players. However, there are other multiplayer modes that are available that allow for special missions to be completed cooperatively.

All in all the game does have a lot more features and is definitely the game that we should have had the first time around. There are a lot more you gadgets to use from an RC Drone to one that is a helicopter. You can even use your 3D printer at your Hackerspace to print guns and ammo.

I feel that Watch Dogs 2 is definitely worth a purchase as there is a lot more content to the game with missions you can find and a lot more multiplayer content (and hopefully more once multiplayer is fully fixed). Be sure to give Watch Dogs 2 a try available right now for the Xbox One and Playstation 4.

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