5 Gifts Under $100 for the Holiday Season

Today, in the article, I will be showcasing five great gifts that are under $100 for the 2016 Holiday Season. These were pulled from Amazon and I chose them for various reasons. They are not going to be listed in any particular order. Christmas time can be a very hectic time of year and, hopefully, some of these suggestions can ease the stress when it comes to shopping for your loved ones.

Lexar Professional 1000x 128GB SDHC Card

First, let’s take a look at the Lexar Professional 1000x 128GB SDHC Card. This monster of an SDHC card comes with Image Rescue 5 Software and reads up to 150 MB/s. It is a class 10 card and is has support for both PC and MAC. If you need a new card for your brand new camera or need to buy another one from all the photos you love to take, then I would highly suggest grabbing one of these.


PNY CS1311 240 GB Internal Solid State Drive

Second, let’s take a look at the PNY CS1311 240 GB Internal Solid State Drive. This SSD is twenty times faster than a normal hard drive and features an extremely low power consumption. It has exceptional performance and can read and write at 520 GB/s! Solid State Drives are becoming extremely popular and are slowly making their way into everyone’s homes, and for good reason. Their performance, mixed with their security and the fact that the cost drops on a constant basis just makes them a smart choice!


Philips Wake-Up Light with Sunrise Simulation alarm clock

Third, I would like to showcase the Philips Wake-Up Light with Sunrise Simulation alarm clock. Everybody loves alarm clocks and this one is a pretty fantastic one. The simulated sunrise is beautiful in it’s own way and the ten different settings give you quite a few options. Get rid of your boring, old box and grab a brand new alarm clock that allows you to wake up to the sunrise every morning.


Bluedio BS-2 Mini Bluetooth Speaker

The next thing I’d like to present to you is a wonderfully inexpensive bluetooth speaker. The Bluedio BS-2 Mini Bluetooth Speaker is absolutely a great bargain this holiday season. It’s portable and wireless and offers a very clear 3D surround sound system. It’s sleek and stylish and weighs less than 10 oz! When it comes to taking calls, it uses acoustic echo cancellation, which will cancel most echo’s to give you crystal clear calls.


Samsung Gear VR – Virtual Reality Headset

Finally, I would like to bring up what I feel is possibly the best deal this holiday season. The Samsung Gear VR – Virtual Reality Headset. This baby is lightweight, comfortable to wear and allows you to immerse yourself in dozens of different virtual reality environments. There are purely educational or cinematic experiences, as well as ones that, with the required controller, can allow you to dive right into the action as if you were in the game! It has room for most glasses and is compatible with: Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 edge, Note5, S6 edge+, S6 and S6 edge.



Disclaimer: All images are were taken from Amazon.com.

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