Quntis LED Monitor Mounted Task Lamp Review

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Up front I will let you know that Quntis contacted us and had asked us to review one of their monitor mounted LED reading lamps and were more than happy to oblige.  The reading lamp that was sent to me by Quntis was the ScreenLinear Computer Monitor Light which in retrospect was designed for up to 22″ monitors and I have a 32″ monitor so I will note where I think my issues were related to having a much larger monitor than the product model was designed for vs issues with the actual product.  I will say right off the bat, this Monitor mounted LED reading lamp was a breeze to install and does exactly what it claims, it provides a downward angle light that illuminates your desk area without causing any glare on your monitor or affecting your eyes negatively while staring at your monitor and it achieves this very well.

The one thing I noticed was a bit off was I have a 32″ LG Monitor and LG monitors at this size (model) have a hump in the back, this curved hump did interfere with the Quntis ScreenLinear monitor light from properly adhering to the back of my monitor because it uses a combination of a weighted base plus an adhesive back to help it stick and stay firm to the back of the monitor.  Because of the curved hump in the back of my monitor the adhesive was unable to make a solid connection to help hold it firm against my monitor which meant if I accidentally pulled the cord trying to fiddle with the light controls I would dislodge it and it would fall.

The light controls were placed in a way down the cord where they barely were reachable under my monitor, part of this is because again it was designed for a smaller 22″ maximum size monitor (they have different models for larger monitors that actually use a different base design too) but also, I can clearly tell there is way too much excess USB cord below the control box, so I felt as a product improvement they can move the light controls at least 9″ lower on the cable length making it more reasonably accessible to someone sitting at their desk who likes to sit a little distance from their monitor.

But again if you look at the picture this was designed for AIO Apple monitor/computers and other AIO monitor/PC hybrids or 22″ screens or smaller, so this is only a suggestion in as I had trouble with a larger monitor here.  The LED color temp range was excellent on the light bar ranging from 3500K to 6000K whether you like the warmer orange glow simulating traditional candle colored lights, or you want bright daylight, you have plenty of color range here.

You can’t actually see the individual LED lights with your naked eye without hurting your eyes, so only the camera pictures show the individual round lights in the photos above, when you use the light it looks like one seamless light bar to the naked eye.

In complete darkness, this Quntis reading light that mounts on your monitor made it appear as if it was daylight on my keyboard, without lighting up the entire room or affecting my ability to see the monitor.  It angles in an excellent way to cause 0 glare or light to go into the monitor and does not cause any eyestrain at all from my testing.

   You can watch the video review of the Quntis ScreenLinear eReading Lamp Here

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.