Rantopad FF Game Mouse Review

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Today, we’ve got another product from the company Rantopad whose mousepad which we just review recently. Today we’ve got their mouse called FF which is a 3500DPI mouse with frequency upto 1000hz. How does it compete with my previous favorite, let’s find out.

Rantopad FF Specification:

Dimension 130x68x40mm
Weight 100G
DPI Levels 800, 1600, 3500
Frequencies 125, 500, 1000
Optical Engine A3090
Wired/Wireless Wired
Wire Length 2m
Gold Plated USB Port Yes
Switches Omron
LED white
Lighing Effect(s) Heartbeat

Rantopad has the FF mouse in various colors and we’ve got the one with silver glossy finish that reflects the surrounding with deception’s logo on it.

Rantopad FF Unboxing:

So we get the FF mouse in a rectangular red n’ white theme attractive box with the picture of the mouse on front and Transformers written on one side and Optimus prime’s picture on the bottom. Some might find the branding or using the name Transformers on the box weird, but that’s just how thing goes with this one.



On the back of the box we find the specifications of the mouse, but unfortunately they’re written in Chinese so people not from Chinese background can’t read them.


Once you take the top cover off, a little container unveils with Transformers written on it.



Inside that container was the product catalog of Rantopad and the FF mouse instruction manual. Once again, both were in Chinese language.


Closer Look:



And inside the box was this shiny silver mouse with gloss finish and of course, the deception’s logo on it. The cables as visible from the image are braided and the usb connector is gold plated. The FF mouse does have 2 extra keys on the left side of the mouse.



Beneath the mouse, we have 4 rubber feet on each corners. Then we have 2 slide-able buttons, one for adjusting the DPI in 3 levels (800, 1600, 3500) and other for adjusting the frequency in 3 levels (125, 500, 1000) as well. We also have the company logo and Quality Control pass sticker but we don’t have any means of weight management on the Rantopad FF mouse.



A closer look at how long the side buttons are on the rantopad FF mouse. Also, the mouse is a little bit pushed inside from left and right sides to give it a better grip and comfort for user.


Rantopad FF Comfort and feel:

This is something where you can say, to each their own. I have a grip somewhere between palm and fingertip and I’ve got no issue with the grip on the rantopad FF mouse. People seeking for mouse with sides pushed inside for their comfort might be more interested in the Rantopad FF as it offers just that. The little lift on the top of thee body doesn’t comes in the way of how comfy the mouse feels. The only discomfort or you can say something that impacted my accuracy/mouse movement would be the weight of the mouse as it feels a little lighter than what I’m used to, but for people who prefer light mouses, rantopad FF is only 100g in weight so it might be right up your alley.


Rantopad FF Performance:

Performance-wise, the mouse does as it should do with the respective input from the user. I’ve used the mouse for about 2 weeks now and played various games like CSGO, GTA V, ACU, Batman Arkham Knight and more and I have yet to face any double clicks or miss clicks from the omron micro switches. The scroll works perfectly as well and doesn’t require much force for scrolling. The mouse doesn’t go haywire when lifting off and also works on movement when above few mm of the surface. So performance-wise, you’re all set with the FF mouse under the 3500dpi limit.



Rantopad FF is a simple looking mouse with sides pushed inside for better comfort to people who seek such designs. Performance-wise, the mouse works perfectly and I have yet to face any issue with the accuracy of the mouse. Coming down to side buttons, since we don’t have any software that comes along with the FF mouse, you have to define the buttons in the game control settings. Also, not having any software meant, there were no profiles to set the mouse on custom DPIs and having the DPI and frequency button on the bottom meant you’ll have to lift the mouse to change it everytime, which could’ve been alternately placed on top for ease of use.

So except for the great performance and comfy design, the only cons I find for FF mouse was the placement of the DPI and frequency button at the bottom of the mouse and having no software along with it to adjust the DPI’s and creating profile. Coming down to price, the Rantopad FF is available for $36.95, and at this price with the features that are provided with the mouse, I would like to rate the mouse 3.5/5 star. A price cut would’ve improved the position of the mouse in the competition as there are cheaper options with more features currently available on the market.

Check out Rantopad USA Website for more products: http://rantopadusa.com/

Disclaimer- Rantopad sent me the FF Gaming Mouse to do a honest review on. All opinions are mine and mine alone.


We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.