Enter for your chance to win the QICENT 6-Port 2.4A Smart Usb Charger which is the ultimate charging station device giving you the ability to charge 6 devices at a full 2.4A output, this means you can charge 6 tablets, or any combination of tablet/phone/Bluetooth device!

Examples of what you can charge on the QICENT 6-Port 2.4A Smart Usb Charger

  • 4 PlayStation 4 controllers at the same time and 2 SmartPhones
  • 3 Kindle Fire HDX Tablets and 3 Smartphones
  • 2 Smartphones, 2 Tablets a Bluetooth Headset and External Battery

Any other combination of USB rechargeable devices!

Enter now for your chance to win!
QICENT 6 Port USB Charger Giveaway

This giveaway is US Only, and winner will receive an Amazon coupon to order the QICENT 6 Port USB Charger.  If you have PRIME there is no shipping cost, but if you don’t have PRIME you will have a shipping cost.

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Justin Germino


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