RedRay 4K Player: Goodbye Optical Media


4K hasn’t really even hit the homes yet other than being able to see 4K capable television displays at recent trade shows and you can already see RedRay is jumping into the fray with offering the first 4K player for home consumers.

Now, this player is capable of doing true 4K, Ultra HD, 1080p or 720p and up-converts media to Ultra HD as well.  One thing to note about the device is that there is no media drive whatsoever, no blu-ray discs, no DVD, nothing but streaming and a 1TB hard drive built into the device.  It does support USB as well to playback video files copied to a USB drive.


Netflix has already shown they are committing to 4K streaming in the near future and 4K may be the medium that finally does away with any physical discs for movies.


RedRay 4K Player also can leverage your iOS device as your remote control, features plug and play audio supporting HDMI audio output to full 7.1 surround.  You can plugin in additional storage over the 1TB as needed though the compression techniques allow it to store 100 hours of 4K media.

I personally think that rendered CGI movies will probably be the first to become 4K media that hits the home market or internet streaming first, since rendering computer animation is something requiring less investment in hardware than filming in 4K and all the production that becomes associated with it.

Do you think 4K will become the next standard to replace Blu-Ray successfully or will it hit only a small niche market like 3D where it has a cool factor but doesn’t really expand to the wide audience outside of theaters or public display places?

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