Replace Noise Stock Coolers with the Arctic Alpine M1 and M1-Passive

For those looking for whisper quiet PC builds you can look to the new Arctic Alpine M1 and M1-Passive CPU cooling solutions, while not liquid cooling they do a remarkable job with keeping your CPU cool compared to other passive and active fan coolers and keep the noise to nearly Zero.  In fact the Alpine M1 boasts that even under full load it generates only 0.1 Sone which makes it twice as quiet as the stock cooler in PC builds and of course you get even less noise is only possible with the Alpine M1-Passive. The passive CPU cooler is completely maintenance free and does not collect dust, offering an affordable solution to make a PC absolutely silent.

The Arctic Alpine M1

The Alpine M1 is an 80mm low speed fan that comes with MX2 Thermal Paste pre-applied and is designed for  AMD Socket AM1 Motherboards.  It boasts an excellent lifespan due to it’s slower spinning speed while maintaining the same cooling power as faster spinning CPU fans.

Compatibility AMD Socket:
Max. Cooling Performance:
50 Watts
Heatsink Type Aluminum Extrusion
Fan Diameter:
Fan Speed:
Noise Level:
Current / Voltage:
80 mm
750 RPM
0.1 Sone
0.030A / 12 V
Fluid Dynamic Bearing 


The Arctic Alpine M1 is Priced at $9.99 on Amazon currently which is a great deal.

The Arctic Alpine M1 Passive

The Arctic Alpine M1 Passive is an Aluminum Extrusion system heat disperser that is of course completely silent as there is no CPU fan at all.  It also has pre-applied M2 Thermal Paste and is a good solution if you have well ventilated PC cases, they specifically call this out as you have to have air flow in and out of the case to take advantage of a fan free cooling system for it to be effective.

Compatibility AMD Socket: AM1
Heatsink Type Aluminum Extrusion

The Arctic Alpine M1 Passive is currently priced at $10.49 right now on Amazon.

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