A better replacement for the Windows Command Prompt

Tired of faults in the Windows Command Prompt , then you are gonna like this software very much especially  if you are programmer . How many command prompts do you open up when you are coding? For me it’s many around 6-7 , even while using IDE ‘ s  there is a real need for them for debugging and other stuff.

Keeping in mind the short comings of the traditional windows command prompt , a new command prompt , nicked Console2 has been created . It is FOSS (Free and open source software ) so it is free to use and a lot of professional companies like Rapid7 already use it in their products because of it’s versatility.



  • It is incredibly small just under 1MB.
  • It works with Cygwin bash , Ruby interpreter and nearly all the used compilers and interpreters.
  • Tabbed mode ( you can open different shells in each tab ).
  • Highly customisable , you can change everything from Colour ,Font used to the directory in which it starts !

Supports tranparencies  so you have a cool bash like in LinuxConsole 2 Download

You can see that I have opened up many tabs and I can switch from one to another easily.You can also add custom tabs by going to Edit > Settings .

Download Console2 here

Have any funky ways of using Console 2?

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