YouTube Increases Upload Time Limit and Converts 2D Videos to 3D

Youtube , the world’s largest online community has recently rolled out new changes to promote it’s usage.

Recently , YouTube rolled out several services including

(I have listed out the features in case you did not know about them )

Youtube already has the ability to play 3d videos ( all 3d videos are collected here : ).But creating a video is a meticulous process , you have to set up two cameras and take the video side by side , upload them separately and recombine them online or take it using a special 3d camera .But now youtube gives us the ability to change videos shot in 2d to 3d , though it is possible , the quality will remain low .

A sample 3d video .


Also many users with a clean profile (i.e following community guide lines) have been allowed to upload videos more than 15 minutes . This is to allow more and more people to publish their content on Youtube other than video service.



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