Retro Tech: 4 Retro Gadgets That Are Making a Come Back!

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Did you ever stumble upon a really old device that was super popular back in the 70’s and wonder if you can still get one because they look nice? You keep seeing all types of vintage gadgets in shows like ‘Stranger Things’ and ‘That 70’s Show’ and it sends you back in time to revisit an age that you really miss. An age where they had Walkman’s, cassette players and those old arcade games at your local restaurants/arcades. Well, it’s not certain that all of them can be found anymore, but some of them are actually making their way back into the market!

Here are 4 Retro Gadgets that you can once again find when you go shopping:

1. Rotary Phones

Image Source: Pixabay

Don’t you miss this old gem? Rotary phones were extremely fun to dial numbers in. You’d just keep turning it around and for some magical reason, it was super entertaining. While having a landline connected to an actual rotary phone is extremely difficult to do and requires a very advanced set of skills with hardware, it’s not impossible. There is a simpler option, though, and that’s to get a push-button phone that’s designed to look exactly like a rotary phone, but without the fun of twisting the dial around. Having it around the house gives it an extremely vintage look.

2. Typewriters

While typewriters aren’t too practical these days, they have a feeling to them that just isn’t there when you’re regularly typing. Their old-fashioned look is just too good to lose, and that’s why you can find a variety of typewriters on the market right now! They’ve come back with multiple different features that make them more practical too. The spirit of the 20th century typewriter craze still lives on to this day.

3. Casio Watches

Image Source: Pixabay

There was a time where almost everyone, young and old alike, had a Casio watch strapped around their wrist. These bad boys went out of stock for a while, and this is what made people realize how much nostalgia and individuality the old school Casio held. The classic look of walking around with a Casio watch was (and still is) very iconic. Now, just like all the other gadgets mentioned, you can find retro watches from Casio back in stock, so people are very interested in restoring the retro look back into the modern-day fashion. With the amount of people seeking out the masterpieces of the previous decades, you’d be surprised at how many of these old gems have risen up from their graves.

4. PlayStation 1

Ah, the pure nostalgia. The PlayStation 1 that was launched all the way back in 1994 was one of the first and most entertaining gaming platforms back in the day. You couldn’t find these for a large amount of time spanning from the years 2002 all the way to the year 2018. The only way you’d get your hands on one of these is if you knew someone who had it or if someone sold theirs to a store. By 2018, Sony realized that the people have been missing and craving the console for almost a decade now, and they re-released it out to the public and now it’s back and available once again. Hallelujah.

Old really is gold

These old classics are always a great sight to see, whether around your house or just in general. Seeing them around brings back memories of the olden days, and it’s nice to have a reminder lying around. Gadgets like these often come back modernized in order to have practical uses in the present day-to-day life, so it won’t just be for the looks! You can actually use them as often as you want, they won’t be on par with all the other technology out there, but everyone has their preference to how they want to do things.


We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.