Review: HP Envy 27-inch LED Lit Monitor with Beats Audio



Are you currently looking for one of the best and newest monitors on the market? Look no further. This is the HP Envy 27. Released in February of this year and shown at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. The HP Envy 27 is the newest monitor to come from HP. I’m here to tell you exactly why this monitor is one that you will definitely enjoy and not regret purchasing.

From the moment you power on your PC you will be amazed on just how beautiful the display is on this monitor. With the ability to display a full 1920×1080 resolution watching videos in full HD is something that you just cannot stop enjoying again and again. When I saw videos of this monitor when it was being shown at this year’s CES I originally thought that the display was edge-to-edge however it is not quite, but pretty much as close as it can get. The monitor is ultra thin making it a great fit for any kind of setting. The back of the Envy 27 does have a VGA, HMDI and DisplayPort connections making it virtually usable on any kind of video connection as well as a headphone jack and digital audio output. It does support HDCP 1.4 over HDMI as well. I plugged the HP Envy 27 in using an HDMI connection and I would have to say that this is where the display really shines.



Another thing that makes the Envy 27 great is that it has that is a first for a monitor is that Beats Audio is built right into the bottom of the monitor which gives excellent sound for movies, music and games. Speaking of gaming, I was able to see just how this monitor looks while playing games. I have to say that this monitor puts some of the best high definition display that I have seen in any monitor so far and with the Beats Audio sound it takes gaming to a whole other level. The monitor does provide a in-house in-plane switching (IPS) panel which gives you the ability to view the display horizontally or vertically at angles of up to 178 degrees.  The HP Envy 27 also boasts a 7 ms response rate.

Simply put HP has gone great lengths to create a very powerful and very beautifully looking monitor in their customers hands. The $499 price tag may seem a bit steep for a monitor, but the price you pay is worth it  especially if you are looking to the best monitor that money has to buy.




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