Review of Heroes Volume Four – Into Asylum

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“You don’t chase a shapeshifter” – Sylar
“He’s A Better You Than You” – Sylar to Danko at the Garden of Eden club.

What can I say about this episode except that it is one of the best of this entire season and follows up last weeks episode very well. The introduction of a new hero on the lamb from the agents who has the ability to shapeshift throws a loop and adds a nice plot twist to get Danko and Sylar working together for a common (or not so common cause).

You have to admit how clever Danko is that working with Sylar they take care to make it appear as if Sylar himself was slain by the Hunter which now leaves Sylar free to move through the agency and country as anybody he wants to be. This only solidifies and amplifies his power as he continues to be the most powerful hero and continues to get more powerful.

The episode had a few nice change of hearts showing two sets of the same family coming together and attempting to settle their peace and make amends for their poor decisions, I found it quite amusing how Nathan tried to out drink some kids in Mexico only to succumb prior to winning. Claire coming in and finishing up was predictable but nice to watch nonetheless.

The aftermath of Peter saving his mother and the two of them ending up in a church almost getting captured was ironic and fitting. Peter’s attempted prayer and frustration at a higher power for both granting his powers and letting this happen to the world only shows how emotionally hurt his character is. Until he can find peace and empathy, he probably will not be able to regain his former ability to absorb powers just by being next to another “special”.

The next shocker was when Angela dreamt that Peter, Nathan, Claire and she should band together and find her sister, a character not eluded to in the past leaves us wondering what the next few episodes have in store for us. I am still curious how Ando and Hiro fit into this chapter as Hiro has some powers restored but not all, maybe baby Matt Parkman can restore Peter Petrelli’s powers as well which will help put balance and even the odds for good again?

But in this episode Sylar once again as powerful as he is reveals he is still gullible and prone to making mistakes, in addition supposedly he has the ability to have super hearing and hear lies from abilities picked up from the past, he should be able to detect people by heartbeat sounds or pulse or some other ability that he has, but he still doesn’t seem like he is making full use of his range of abilities. The question I have though is was he really in Danko’s car earlier in the episode, or was he just in Danko’s mind?

I don’t recall Sylar having the ability to teleport or telekinesis, so this power may have been picked up between episodes and I will be watching the NBC Heroes comic released this week to see if they explain this anomaly.

Overall the episode was fantastic, and I enjoy the humanistic elements of the characters, when the get more personal with the characters is when the show really shines.

-Dragon Blogger

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.