Review of the Havit HV-F2015 Laptop Cooling Fan

Recently Havit sent me the HV-F2015 Laptop Cooling Fan to review and I had a few days replacing my old laptop cooling fan with this one and came to the conclusion that this laptop cooling fan is decent for laptops 17” or under but works better if you want an adjustable laptop cooling fan instead of a slim one that simply sits under your laptop.

Check out my quick video review before you read on.

The Havit HV-F2015 Laptop Cooling fan has a larger central fan that is covered by a thin metal grill on the front, it only runs at 1 speed and constantly glows a dull blue which I didn’t mind but some people may not like the always on light output.  The fan moves a fair amount of air considering it only draws power from the laptop USB port, but I wish it had some switch to have a lower and faster speed ,I think for the size of the fan it could have been capable of producing even more air flow but I will say that this laptop cooling fan is VERY quiet and I could not hear it at all above the ambient noise in my office.

Havit F2015 Laptop Fan (2)


When plugging your laptop into the Havit HV-F2015 Laptop Cooling fan the USB ports are inset and a tad difficult to reach, the cooling fan itself feels a little like flimsy plastic so as you flip it over and position it to get to the USB ports it feels a little clumsy.  The Havit HV-F2015 boasts having 2 USB Ports, but since you have to tie up one of the USB ports for your laptop to power the fan, it really only gives you 1 USB port you can use for other devices, so acts more like just a USB pass through than a USB hub if that is what you were after.

Havit F2015 Laptop Fan (4)

While the HV-F2015 isn’t super slim so it actually lifts your laptop up quite a bit when it is in the flat position, it does do a good job with it’s standing positions able to hold the laptop at 3 different angles which make it ideal if you have your laptop at shoulder level or below on a desk and want to raise the screen as seen in my images below.  The only problem is while using the laptop in this position which is really great for the screen viewing, it makes the keys difficult to use without bending your wrists at  bad angle, so if you want to use this to raise the screen in this angle, it works best with a separate USB or wireless keyboard.

Havit F2015 Laptop Fan (5)Havit F2015 Laptop Fan (1)

Overall the Havit HV-F2015 Laptop Cooling Fan is a decent adjustable laptop cooling fan, but it could have benefited from adjustable fan speeds, giving easier access to the USB ports, having 2 actual USB ports you can use and for those who don’t want the LED backlight, a way to turn it off.

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