Review of the OneSpace Ultramodern Glass Computer Desk

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.

So my son wanted a new computer desk after his cheap particle board one was falling apart and I let him choose a desk that was reasonably priced and he ended up with the OneSpace Ultramodern Glass Computer Desk as the desk he wanted.  After using it for a few months now I can formally provide a review of this desk being that it was heavily used by a 13 year old and I can confidently point out it’s pros and cons.

First thing to note is this desk measures 33.5 inches wide by 22.75 inches deep by 30 inches high and it has a tempered frosted safety glass top that is thin but very sturdy and strong.  The entire surface of the desk is very narrow on the front back, and it uses V legs on the sides to join to desk surface.  It has keyboard tray just under that is attached and this is the only component made from pressed wood where I feel if too much weight or fiddling around with the keyboard tray could destroy the screws which hold it onto the side rails and this would be the part that is most likely to break.

A full mouse mat is recommended for this desk surface because most laser mice (red laser) will not track on a glass surface and the glass itself I found was a bit uncomfortable.  This is easily solved with a mouse mat that expands almost the whole desk and my son was using a good World of Warcraft Mouse Mat that did a good job keeping the desk protected where his arms are and provide the mouse traction he needed.  Making sure you use a coaster for drinks is also an ideal choice as because it is tempered glass any “sweat” from cups can pool up on the glass surface of the desk which is something to consider.


Overall the OneSpace Ultramodern Glass Computer Desk works out quite well, the light weight combined with the dark colored glass make it scratch resistant compared to a wood desk and I know I mentioned spills but minor spills cause no damage or staining on the desk surface itself.  Now because the desk is so narrow, no desk clip mount accessories will work well with it, so this means those selfie ring light clamps, webcam clamps, drink holder clamps all struggle because how thin the desk surface is they are not able to create enough tension to effectively clamp on to the desk here and this is something to consider if you want to use any sort of mounting item on your desk.  Forget about a monitor mount with a C clamp you would never be able to have it tight enough without damaging the glass, this is not a desk for you to mount a monitor onto with a pole arm.

However, if you want an inexpensive and durable desk that is compact at 33 inches wide for a smaller bedroom or dorm room, this desk could be ideal.  Just know what limitations it has.  Note:  My son had ruined a few pressed wood desks in 5 years, so this one is far more durable other than the keyboard tray which I suspect will be the only part that deteriorates after a lot of use and resting arms on the keyboard tray.

I did buy this desk from Amazon but it is also available on Walmart as well.  It goes in and out of stock depending so it’s availability to order seems to be hit and miss.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.