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Losing your personal collection of photos certainly is a huge pain in the neck, especially when you do not have their backup copies. Based on the causes of photo loss and certain factors like if the disk is not reused or defragmented, it is possible to recover lost photos from a hard drive, SD card, or a USB flash drive with a commercial photo recovery tool.

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is commercial photo recovery software that recovers unintentionally deleted or lost photos, audio and video files from a number of different types of data storage media, including hard drives, USB flash memory drives, SD cards, and more. Well, since the software is available for both Mac and Windows based computers, you can efficiently regain your photos if you have lost them accidentally.

Stellar Photo Recovery

Firstly, the software requires scanning the storage media from which you lost the photos, and then it enable you watch a preview of each recovered photo/video along with its thumbnails (if present). The software creates a hierarchical structure of the folders in the left most side of the window displaying the hard drive being scanned.

Based on the requirements, you can save all the recovered photos at a safe location on the computer. Alternatively, you can also go for selected items recovery by filtering the folder hierarchy.


The software also features saving the scanned information and the same can be used to resume the photo recovery process later on. Imaging a hard drive or a specific volume is also a feature added to the software, and the image instead of the original volume can be used to recover lost photos.

Top 5 Features

Since Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery for Windows is commercial photo recovery solution for Windows-based computers, it incorporates a slew of advanced features some of which are mentioned below:

  • The software is capable to recover lost or deleted photos, audio and video files from a variety of data storage media, such as a hard drive, USB flash drive, SD card, and more.
  • The software supports scanning large (up to 2TB) drives attached to Windows-based computers for lost or deleted media files.
  • The software is provided with user-friendly interface that eases recovering lost/deleted media files for laymen.
  • The software is provided with a faster scan engine and since it is the most recent version of the product, it is full of features and support for many new ‘file types’ for all three types of media files.
  • The software supports recovering HD-MOV files created with High-definition video cameras.
  • The software supports FAT, exFAT, and NTFS file system based drives for recovery.
  • The most recent version of the software recovers media files with their original names, camera model, creation/modification date, and resolution.
  • A separate list, namely ‘Deleted List’ that displays only deleted media files is added to the scanned result window.

Trouble free usage

  • As mentioned above, Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery software is provided with user-friendly interface that makes it a Do-it-Yourself tool to recover lost media files from Windows-based computers.
  • The software is provided with a scan engine that is fastest like never before and it is capable to end up scanning the large (i.e. up to 2TB) hard drives quickly.
  • Filtering the folder-hierarchy or tree created and displayed in the scanned result window is also very easy, which is preferred if you need to save selected items only.

Add Header

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery tool enables you add header to scan the hard drive for media files (i.e. photos, audio and video files) of a specific ‘file type’ that the software does not include by default. For each type of media files, you can add header and search for all files of the particular ‘file type’. To add header, drag at least five sample files of a particular ‘file type’ to add a new header of that ‘file type’.

The Demo Version

The software is available as a free demo version on developer’s website. Using the demo version, you can scan and recover all three types of media files from a variety of storage media. However, you cannot save recovered files unless you own its registered or licensed copy. You can download the demo version here and purchase the licensed version here.

How it Works?

With a licensed copy of Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery, you can recover all three types of media files from a number of different types of storage media and save them on a safer location on the computer or an external hard drive.

Using this digital media files recovery software, you need to click ‘Recover Photo, Audio & Video’ option given on the home screen, which lands you up to ‘Select Media for Recovery’ screen. If you lost your photos, songs, or videos from an SD card or a like external storage media, make sure it is attached to your computer. Select a drive for recovery and choose a scan option out of ‘Advanced Scan’ and ‘Scan Now’.

‘Advanced Scan’ option takes you to ‘Select File Format and Drive Region’ screen, where you can narrow down your scan criteria for all three types of media files under ‘File List’ tab. On the other hand, the ‘Select Range’ tab allows you select a particular region of the storage media for scanning. However, the ‘Scan Now’ option initiates scanning the media directly for all three types of media files.

The window showing scanning in progress displays a folder tree in the left pane, which you can filter to narrow down the scanned result. You can view this tree in three different views, i.e. Classic List, File List, and Deleted List, where ‘Deleted List’ contains the items that are deleted from the computer earlier. Saving the recovered files requires clicking the ‘Recover’ button.

Help and Support

Stellar Information Technology Pvt. Ltd. provides tech support to its customers across the world through calls and chat. You can anytime call techies at Stellar regarding any issue you come across while using this photo recovery software. For FAQs, you can visit here or you can directly contact techies at Stellar for support.

Reasons to choose Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery?

Stellar Information Technology Pvt. Ltd. is ranked #1 Data Recovery Company and it has been delivering  data recovery software and services to computer users at homes and in corporate across the globe for over past 2 decades.

Stellar was honored with the CIO Choice Award for its global Data Recovery software and services in different domains, such as data recovery from Windows/Mac/Linux based computers and external removable storage media (e.g. SD cards, USB flash drives, and more). Besides, the organization also deals in development and marketing of software in email domain (such as mailbox migration from one client to another, email database repair/recovery, various Windows and Mac based tools, etc. For more information about the company’s products, visit company website here.

The Verdict

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is commercial tool that recovers lost or accidentally deleted photo, audio and video file from a range of data storage media. The product is now available in its 6th version that is pretty advanced. Based on its performance over a Windows-based computer running on least system configuration, I term the software as efficient, reliable, and user-friendly as well as I recommend using it to recover lost or deleted media files.

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