Hetman Partition Recovery Review

The files stored on the hard drives or other like storage devices are always at risk; you may lose such file any time due to random issues with the drive. In fact, storage devices don’t guarantee the security of your data and no manual way is there to bring your lost files back to life. A professional recovery software like Hetman Partition Recovery (hetmanrecovery.com) is developed to address different data loss situations, such as accidental … Read more

Product Review – Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery – Windows

I, very well, understand that how significant your personal collection of photos is to you. I also understand that you cannot even imagine losing a single photo out of them, no matter what. However, things are not always in your hands; you may lose them all at once due to partition loss, unintentional disk formatting, or in a like scenario. People like to keep their personal collections of photos, music, videos and other multimedia stuff … Read more

Review – EMCO MSI Package Builder

Organizations are always looking for solutions to deploy applications remotely on networked computers. If you are one of them and want help in deciding which is better and serve flawlessly, we’ll help you in deciding. Weather your organization is big or small, remote deployment tools can perform application installation on hundred or even thousands of computers without requiring any actions at the end user level. Moreover, there is also need of tool to repair, maintain … Read more

Which One to Choose: Windows Defender or Microsoft Security Essentials

In order to keep your computer secure and free from viruses, malware infections, spyware and many other threats, you must have an efficient security program installed on it. For instance, you may prefer using Windows Defender (WD) or Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) as the right tool to protect your computer as well as the data stored on it. As far as the Windows Defender is concerned, it is a free Windows inbuilt security program, which … Read more

Data Backup Techniques Keep Mac Data Safer

When you hear someone around you suffered from data loss, you become mindful and take a turn to a secure way. In fact, I appreciate your act of taking the right steps before the disaster strikes your Mac. However, since a disaster may strike anytime and cause data loss to anyone, you cannot consider yourself on the safe side unless you have an updated backup of all the crucial files stored at a location that … Read more

Review – Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery 6

Losing your personal collection of photos certainly is a huge pain in the neck, especially when you do not have their backup copies. Based on the causes of photo loss and certain factors like if the disk is not reused or defragmented, it is possible to recover lost photos from a hard drive, SD card, or a USB flash drive with a commercial photo recovery tool. Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is commercial photo recovery software … Read more

Product Review – SanDisk Ultra Plus Solid State Drive

The Solid State Drives (SSDs) have for quite some time been in application for their modern technological superiority advanced data storage mechanism. Almost all storage media manufacturers have introduced their versions of SSDs bringing in their touch. The trends of data storage technology have brought in many low cost, highly reliable storage devices. The prices of SSDs have gone remarkably down compared to what they were when launched. You can find variations in the data … Read more