Hetman Partition Recovery Review

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The files stored on the hard drives or other like storage devices are always at risk; you may lose such file any time due to random issues with the drive. In fact, storage devices don’t guarantee the security of your data and no manual way is there to bring your lost files back to life.

A professional recovery software like Hetman Partition Recovery (hetmanrecovery.com) is developed to address different data loss situations, such as accidental deletion of files, drive formatting, or Virus/Trojan attacks. The software scans the storage device and recovers all the files marked as deleted. Once the software has recovered the lost files, you can save them all on a secondary drive. Luckily, the files content remains intact or unaffected during as well as after recovery

How Program Works

Well, the software works in a similar fashion as other data recovery software do. As soon as you run the software, it asks for selecting the particular drive (or the hard drive partition). Select a preferred recovery mode, and then let the software scan the drive. Depending on the size of the concerned drive, the software will take a while and land you to the recovery window to recover files intact.

The software has an inbuilt data recovery wizard that pops up at the very beginning and is capable enough to recover your deleted files and folders from the selected drive or the entire hard drive itself.

Wizard Recovery

P.S. If you wish to jump directly to the software interface, uncheck the ‘Show Wizard at startup’ check box.

Click the ‘Next’ button to proceed. The software lets you choose a desired disk containing your valuable files. Just click the ‘Find Partitions’ button if you wish to search the missing or deleted partitions on your Windows-based hard drive.
Find lost partitions

You need to select the hard drive as well as the file system (i.e. FAT32 or NTFS) used by the drive. You can also look for the deleted FAT12 or FAT16 drive(s) and command the software to perform a full or partial scan.

Recovery methods

The software has extremely powerful options to scan the concerned drive thoroughly. For example, ‘Full Analysis’, which is used to repair the lost directory structure of logical partitions and make them recoverable.

Alternatively, you can also use the ‘Fast Scan’ option to speedily recover the deleted files and folders from the concerned drive. This option looks only for the deleted files and displays the result in scan result.

Note: The scan result does not contain your existing files, but only the ones that has been deleted or lost.

Once the scan completes, the software lists all the recovered files and folders in the ‘search stats’ window. Click the ‘Finish’ button to proceed to saving the recovered files. Later, right-click a file and select the ‘recover’ option to save it in a secure location on your computer. Use a secondary drive to save the recovered files.

Software Requirements

This recovery software is compatible with an array of Windows OS, including Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP, etc. and requires a minimum set of hardware configuration. However, the software performance is subject to the hardware configuration of your computer. Therefore, the software can perform significantly well on modern computers and give efficient results.


The software provides you with a comprehensive range of recovery features and has the capability to recover all your lost files and folders, keeping the content unaffected. No matter how much experience you have with such recovery software, you must be skilled with the basic computing tasks. Well, in case you still have any doubt regarding usage of this recovery application, do watch the video given below:


The software comes with an affordable price tag, though you can try using its demo version to test its features and functionality. Using the demo version, you can scan the drive and see the preview of recoverable files and folders.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.