Another Havit Dual Driver Bluetooth Speaker Giveaway

Back by popular demand, we had a lot of people enter the first Havit Bluetooth Speaker giveaway and the company decided to let us give another one away.  As the first winner chose a Black Dual Drivers speaker the Pink one is still available as color option if the winner chooses.  So this is your 2nd chance to enter and win either a Black Havit Dual Driver Bluetooth Speaker or the Pink Havit Dual Driver Bluetooth Speaker.

This speaker pairs via Bluetooth, NFC or has an AUX port where you can plug a legacy iPod Touch or Nano into and blast out your tunes if you don’t have a Bluetooth or NFC capable device.  So get your room filling sound on and stop listening to music or shows from the speakers on your cell phone or tablet!

Note: This product can only be shipped to someone in the U.S. as it is being shipped from, if you are entering from outside the U.S. you must have a friend or relative who can receive the prize that lives in the U.S. for you. This prize costs too much to ship Internationally and there is no cash/PayPal substitution for this prize.

Can’t wait, buy it now and if you still win you can give that one away or have 2!

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