Havit X1 Red Led Gaming Keyboard Review

I have had the privilege of testing out the Havit X1 Red Led Gaming Keyboard. Instead of just testing it for a short time and giving it a quick review, I decided that this keyboard needed a little more everyday testing, and I have to say I love it.


The keys feel very comfortable when pressed. They kind of spring back in response to my pressing them and that feel great. I was told it has a mechanical feel, whatever that is, I do not fully know as I have never owned a nicer keyboard than this one. I feel as if I am for the first time in my life using a real keyboard, a very responsive keyboard and one that will last.

The individual keys are very easy to read. The one I had was hard to see, as the keys were not as well made, not as bright. The only thing I do not like about the keys is that they themselves do not light up in the dark.

You see, this keyboard has a three color back light built in. What that means is there are three choices of color and the space around the keys lights up to reflect that choice of colors you have made. You can choose from Red, Blue, and Purple. You can have just that one color or you may have the keyboard cycle between all three. Also, you can speed up or slow down the rate at which they cycle. A nice feature to be sure.

The function keys all have a secondary function assigned to them. They control things like the volume, media and more. There are also the standard arrow keys which can have “WASD” reassigned to them if you desire. Just remember to switch them back or when you go to type a “W” you will get an up arrow instead.

One of perhaps the coolest features of this keyboard is that it is waterproof. I personally have not tested this feature. Something about intentionally pouring water on my electronics does not seem right to me. If however I do accidentally do so in the future, I will let you know what happens. There are 4 large drain holes on the bottom of the board to allow liquids to pass through.


The cord that attaches to the computer is very sturdy and unlike the cheap keyboards I have used in the past, this cord is made of sturdy cloth. I am not sure if the cloth serves any purpose but it does feel stronger than the cords coming from other boards I have used.

So far, I have liked this keyboard more than I expected to. I am not entirely sure why it is called a gaming keyboard but, maybe that is because I am not a gamer at heart, no matter, this is a great keyboard, and well worth the price. I look forward to seeing what else Havit has to offer.

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