Deborah had just finished her review and posting of the Rokit Boost Swage Sport Bluetooth headphones recently and now we are offering our readers a chance to win a pair for themselves.  These headphones are compact and provide you with great sound while staying on your ears and giving you the freedom to run, jog or work out without worrying about them popping out of your ears like earbuds.  The fact that they are Bluetooth means you have no cord running down your back or arms to plug into your iPhone or Android phone.  Of course I am assuming most people are only carrying their Bluetooth enabled smartphones and using those as their music players these days (does anyone use MP3 players anymore?).

Enter for your chance to win the Rokit Boost Swage Sport Bluetooth Headphones
Rokit Boost Swage Sport Bluetooth Headphones

Rules: Giveaway is open worldwide, but shipping is only free to U.S. residents, if you live outside the U.S. you will have to pay for shipping or provide a U.S. address for shipping.


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