Rongyao Canvas Leather Shoulder Bag Review

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So when Toupons contacted us asking if we would review any of their leather bag products, I saw a decent looking Leather Shoulder Bag that I thought would be fun to review, plus I could use it for when I need to travel very light with only a few gadgets with me.  This is a review of the Rongyao Canvas Leather Shoulder Bag which was from the TouponsMall on Amazon and I encourage you to check out the rest of their stock at the end of the review.

RongYao Leather Bag (1)

First off the Toupons Canvas Leather Shoulder Bag is small, at 13″x4″x9″ this is designed to hold tablets, netbooks, chromebooks and will work with a screen 12″ or smaller, plus a phone and a handful of other accessories.  This means it is ideal for the Surface Pro 3 for example that I bought my wife, or the Haier Chromebook 11 which just released and is 11 inches in size.  This also works just as well with an iPad, Samsung Galaxy tab or any other 10″ tablet as well and I used my iPad with a full case/cover on it to show it can accommodate the thickness of it.

RongYao Leather Bag (2)

The Canvas Leather Bag has a nice look and feel to it, I am not a style expert but I found it to be high quality and the textured front, stitching and leather all seemed pretty decent.  The leather is thick so it shouldn’t be punctured too easily and their is ample amount of cushion to protect gadgets inside the bag. RongYao Leather Bag (3)

The large zipper pouch has plenty of room for a 12″ chromebook or larger tablet as well as a few pockets and an inside zipper pouch.  The pockets can hold a mouse, stylus, phone, in the above I have my Arctic P324BT Headphones folded up and slid into one pouch.  You can see my iPad 2 with a full protective case is inserted into the Leather Canvas


RongYao Leather Bag (4)

There is also a front pouch that is always open, but is covered when you close the cover of the canvas bag.  This is an ideal place to put USB cables or other cords/external battery…etc for your tablet or electronics inside.


RongYao Leather Bag (5)

Inside pouches were roomy, and I put my Samsung W250F in one pouch and my Arctic P324BT headphones in the other pouch as mentioned.
RongYao Leather Bag (6)


Inside zipper pouch I felt was ideal for smaller items more at risk of falling out or being lost, such as small USB sticks or tokens, coins, pens, stylus, any other small accessory for your tablet or small laptop.  Overall I felt the bag was of solid quality and had a good feel to it, I liked the way it looked and have no trouble recommending it if you are in the market for a small leather canvas bag to port around a 12″ or smaller gadget, a phone and a few accessories.  It is for quick trips and day travels where you don’t need to pack much, but is actually a really good “blogger’ or journalist get up and go bag to take just what you need to an event to cover.

They don’t just have this bag, TouponsMall has a slew of other products too, this was just the one I wanted to review since it is the primary one that applies to laptops and technology items.  I encourage readers to visit the TouponsMall Store on Amazon and see everything they have to offer!

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.