Rosewill EX-500 & EX-700 headphones Review

Whether you are at work, home, gym or traveling, you are probably going to carry your earphones with you to listen to music or watch some movie or TV shows on your smartphone. Well, some of you might get your work done with any earphones, but for the guys like me who don’t like to compromise with sound quality are probably looking for some good earphones to carry with. So Rosewill sent me two of their latest earphones(headphones as mentioned by them) which are the Rosewill EX-500 and Rosewill EX-700 wired headphones. So let’s get started with the review.  Spoiler: One of the earphones are by far the best ones that I have tested.


Check out my unboxing of the earphones over here-

Rosewill EX-500

Rosewill EX- 700




Driver Unit Hybrid(1 Ceramic+1 10mm dynamic driver)
Sensitivity 98dB
Frequency Response 20~40 kHz
T.H.D less than 1% at kHz
Impedance 33Ω
Rated Input 1mW
Mic Sensitivity -42dB
Cord Length 3.93 ft.



Driver Unit Hybrid(1 8mm dynamic+1 BA driver)
Sensitivity 102dB
Frequency Response 20~40 kHz
T.H.D less than 1% at 1kHz
Impedance 26Ω
Rated Input 1mW
Mic Sensitivity -42dB
Cord Length 3.93ft.


Contents in the box

  • Earphones
  • User Manual
  • Carry Pouch
  • Normal Eartips
  • Treble Enhancement Eartips



I will first talk about the EX-500. So these earphones have a completely different design when compared to the EX-700. These are designed in a way that they perfectly fit in your ears. I can wear these earphones for hours without having ear pains. But when compared to the EX-700 earphones, I would have to go with the EX-700. Why do you ask? Because due to the build of the EX-500, they kind of stay on the outline of your ears. While on the EX-700, the ear tips go more deeply into your ears giving louder audio and more noise cancellation. Another thing that I found was that while my morning jogging session, the EX-700 were way more comfortable while running. Didn’t have to adjust the earphones at all due to my body moving up and down so much. While on the EX-500, the ear tips kept on bouncing up and down and I had to adjust them every minute. Felt uncomfortable. But no issues during normal walks and daily task. Absolutely no issues there. The earphones have in in-line control and mic so you can answer and end calls, and change music. What I felt missing was a volume rocker. So to increase or decrease your audio, you will have to do it through your mobile phone.

Sound Quality

No matter how good the earphones fit, there won’t be any point if the audio quality sucks. For the people who don’t know much about earphones, let me tell you that while looking for earphones, you have to look at these things. Driver unit, Sensitivity, and Frequency Response. Now you might be wondering what the hell am I talking about. The driver unit is the most important thing that you should be looking for in an earphone. These are the things that literally make the sound in your earphones. The larger the driver is, the better the sound quality.

The driver unit is the most important thing that you should be looking for in an earphone. These are the things that literally make the sound in your earphones. The larger the driver is, the better the sound quality. Since earphones can’t have much larger drivers, what they do is they add another driver and end up with dual drivers. So one driver is responsible for bass and another for the mid and high frequencies which in the end results in a better sound quality. The EX-500 comes equipped with a hybrid driver. 1 is a ceramic driver and another one is a 10mm dynamic driver. While on the other hand, the EX-700 comes with an 8mm dynamic driver and a BA(Balanced Armature) driver.

The next thing that you want to look out for in earphones is the sensitivity. Sensitivity is basically how louder the earphones will be. Sensitivity is measured in decibels. The EX-500 has a sensitivity of 98dB while the EX-700 has a sensitivity of 102dB. Which means that the EX-700 will produce a louder audio. Another thing to look out for is the Frequency Response. Frequency response indicates the range of audio frequencies the headphones can reproduce. Both the earphones have a frequency of 20~40kHz. 20 being the bass and 40 being the treble. If you are looking for bass in your earphones, then you should check out the frequency since lower the value, the more bass you will get. As for the mic quality, the audio in the unboxing videos was recorded from the earphones.

Overall both the earphones do a great job and have good sound quality. The EX 500 has good mids and highs, but the treble seemed a bit muffled. While on the EX-700, the treble was way better and had superior clarity. Good amount of bass on both earphones. The EX-700 was much louder and clearer even on full volume which was nice. The treble enhancement ear tips do a decent job as well.  Even while gaming on the earphones, I could clearly tell where my enemies were coming from and had a great experience gaming with them even though these earphones are not meant for gaming. Both earphones have a fair amount of noise cancellation. Definitely better than the usual budget earphones.


Build Quality

Okay, so one thing I can say about using these earphones after using them for a few months is that they are very sturdy. I am a guy who breaks his earphones every 2 months. I bang these earphones so many times while using them. Most often to my computer table. And they are still working. No damage whatsoever.  The earphones have an aluminum finish which adds to a premium look and finish. The cable is around 4 feet long which is pretty long enough and has a plastic braiding to it. Personally, i don’t really like the look of the braiding but given the extra protection, I can’t complain. The thing I liked most about the build it that they didn’t go for the usual design near the 3.5mm plug and are in an L kind of shape? which I prefer since most of the earphones tend to break from over here due to lots of bending. A huge thumbs up to Rosewill for making good quality and sturdy earphones.


By now you already have an idea of which earphones you should be getting. If you are still confused on which ones to get, this should help. If you are looking for good bass, then both have the same bass quality. If you want to hear the vocals louder and much clearer, then go for the EX-700. Your choice may also vary on which ear fit you prefer so get the ones that you think will suit you better. If your plan is to go running with either of these earphones, then definitely go for the EX-700 as these are super comfortable while jogging. Both the earphones do a great job and I really enjoyed using both of them. The main factor is the cost. The Rosewill EX-500 costs $35 while the Rosewill EX-700 costs $50 which is $15 more. Is it worth spending the extra $15? I would say yes if you don’t want to compromise on the treble at all. The EX-500 does a splendid job as well so you won’t be disappointed with either of the earphones.

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