Runescape 3 – Out With The Old In With The New

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On the 22nd of March, Jagex, makers of the popular online game Runescape announced their new plans for the summer, Runescape 3. Many people may know that Runescape is a game made in the Java programming language but this is going to change. Jagex has recently announced that this summer they’re leaving behind Java for Html 5 which is much more popular with website designers than that of the Java counter part.

What Can We Expect From Runscape 3?

With this re-vamp Jagex hope to be able to achieve much greater feats allowing users more freedom and also Runescape’s graphics will be getting a make over. The lag that some players experience when playing Runescape will be decreased states Mod Mark owner of Jagex who has stated that with the new Html 5 game, players will experience far less lag as the game is able to cope better with the different scenes around the Runescape world. 2013 is set to be the biggest year for Runescape as there are plans to change many different features including new skills and also more interaction between players with a new “top down interface” which is planned t come out the same time as Runescape 3 which many players will be very eager for.

What Are The Confirmed Updates for Runescape 3?

Mod Mark has posted a lengthy article on what we can expect to see now that Runescape 3 is releasing around the corner.

Updates include:
  • Two new skills –  linked roughly around the Gods of Runescape and will be loosely linked, Sailing a skill which many Runescape players hoped would be introduced has been denounced that it will not be in the game since in December “Player Owned Ports” were introduced.
  • Cloth and Armour customization – This means players will be able to change the colour of their armour and also change the appearance of the armour.
  • Multiple Characters Per Account – Allowing users to create multiple accounts for different purposes which should be greatly anticipated.


A possible update could be the integration of Runescape on to tablets and consoles, however as such this is a speculation and  this has not been confirmed.

This year Runescape may be getting what has been needed in a long time which hopefully will attract more players to play a game which has been developed for over a decade now but for now all we can do is wait for some more news on Runescape 3.

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