Facebook is Changing Faces Again Very Soon

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Got bored of Facebook’s timeline visual? Here’s something new which will be introduced very soon. Facebook always tried to give new features to their users whether they wanted them or not, and the biggest social networking site Facebook is currently rolling out new changes for the users once again. This feature which already exists for some users  includes a reply button on comments, and news feed features.

News Feed:

A few weeks ago Facebook announced that they were bringing a new look to their News Feed. Some people got access to this new feature and some are waiting to get a hands on view of the new feature still. As this feature is in the testing phase, it is only available to Facebook selected users right now.

Facebook stated that it will be available only when they have confirmed that it is faster and working properly. But as a first impression I can say that Facebook has given attention to a more dynamic and simplified UI. On the new Facebook news feed users are able to see what they want. They can choose between the photos (shared by their friends), friends status updates, followers, or music and groups news feeds. One great thing about new look is that you will get a unifying experiences across all sets of devices and across web browsers based on your chosen preferences.

FB News Feed
Facebook News Feed-New Look

The new Facebook News Feed will be having following features:

  • More organized stories
  • Most recent feeds on top of page.
  • One look on mobile, tablet and on web.
  • Great combination of colors with visuals.
  • Collapsing sidebar.

You can get more info about News Feed on


Facebook Reply Button:

Facebook announced that they are integrating a reply button on comments to make a threading of comments lot easier to user. Now a user will be able to reply to another comment as well as the original post.

facebook reply button
Facebook reply button

According to Facebook  this new feature is in testing phases for a month. It allows users to reply directly to comments written on their page to commenters and start a conversation thread. This will make navigation through conversation threads simple and that’s what Facebook is aiming for. Giving a response to a user by tagging their name in the comment will not be a standardized way anymore going forward. Currently this feature is for pages on FB as I said earlier it is in testing phases still. It also gives ranks to response based on some key factors outlined below.

  • Spam comments will fall down to lower levels.
  • Connection of another person to the thread will help to move it to the top.
  • Comments which are having more number of likes and replies will move to the top.
  • Recent comments will also be moved toward the top.

This means that Facebook is implementing a threaded conversation and ranked comments to put the most relevant and popular comments first. For making this available to private accounts, a user must be having at least 10000 followers. According to Facebook this will be available to all users around July.

To Enable Facebook Reply Option For Your Fanpage:

  1. At the top of your Page, click Edit Page
  2. Go to Manage Permissions
  3. Select Turn On Replies

Facebook is implementing features that will be more user friendly. Let us see how users feel when they get their hands on these features and start sharing feedback on them.

Feel free to ask questions and share views about Facebook implementing new Reply Options and a Customizable News Feed.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.