Samsung’s Gear VR – A Portable VR Headset

Alongside the Galaxy Note 4 and the Galaxy Note Edge phablets, Samsung announced one more accessory, the Gear VR Headset (Virtual Reality Headset). This nifty portable gadget is powered by Samsung’s Note 4 phablet. The smartphone snaps to the front of the headset and displays splits the screen in to two parts, then two lenses project the image in to your eyes, each eye gets a slightly different version, hence providing the illusion of depth and 3D. The Gear VR Headset is visually similar to Oculus Rift, whom are the same people Samsung partnered up with to develop the  Gear VR.

Image courtesy – The Verge

How it Works

Samsung’s Gear VR headset is in many ways quite similar to Google Cardboard project, however it is much more professional and looks quite a lot like the actual Oculus Rift headset. The Gear headset consists of two lenses in front of which you’d place the Note 4, and only the Note 4. As of this moment, the Gear VR works only with Samsung’s Note 4 and nothing else. The two lenses provide the ‘3D’ effect. There’s a trackpad along with a back button on the side. Most navigation at this point is done using head movements and taps on the trackpad, however, Samsung says that the headset can world with Bluetooth gaming controllers.

A nifty feature Samsung added is the ability to switch on the back camera of the Note 4 and take a look at the real world through the VR headset without having to take it off. Its also wireless, unlike the Oculus Rift.

Image courtesy – The Verge


There is not any specific date on which we will be getting the Gear VR headset, but Samsung informed the possible consumers that the release date is later this fall, possibly in the holiday season.

There aren’t many applications or games to sue with the Gear VR, but Samsung promises that there will be content store exclusively for the Gear VR Headset. Its a great feeling to see VR spreading so quickly, and the Gear might be able to put VR in several more hands. However, since Samsung limited the Gear to work with only the Note 4, its more of an accessory to this phone, rather than a gadget you could use with any device you already own. So if you want o have a go with the Gear, better be ready to buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 as well.

What are your thoughts about Samsung’s move and the Gear in general?

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