Say Goodbye to Custom ROMs with Xposed Framework for Android

If you have an Android phone, you may have tried a different ROM at some point of time, but now with the Xposed framework, you don’t have to flash a new ROM to change the theme, Icon pack and other settings. The Xposed Framework allows you to make all kinds of modifications to the stock ROM safely. The only requirement is to make sure the phone is rooted, and the instructions for rooting almost all Android phones are easily done and found online.

Installing Xposed

The installation of Xposed is pretty easy. Get the Xposed installer from this XDA thread, make sure you download the XposedInstaller apk file. Side-load the apk file and click on Install/Update, the application will issue a Super User request, accept it. The framework works by loading a application at boot that is capable of modifying any part of the Android sub-system easily.

Framework install


Xposed Modules

Reboot and viola! you have installed the Xposed Framework for Android.

Xposed modules

Xposed by itself does not do anything interesting, however it’s the variety of Xposed mods that allow you to customize your phone, Xposed is simply a shelf and the modules are the books. A repository of Xposed modules is being built here. Some awesome Xposed modules are:


This is one of the best privacy app available on the Google Play market, after installing this Xposed module, you can prevent apps like Facebook from accessing stuff on your phone even if it has privileges to do so! You can also feed fake information to apps. It categorizes apps based on how dangerous they are and what privileges they have, also as soon as a new app is installed, Xprivacy shows up in the notification bar and allows you to restrict data leakage from your phone.

Facebook app and Xprivacy
Facebook app and Xprivacy


This Theme Engine allows you to use custom themes on your phone like in the Cyanogen Mod ! The existing Cyanogen Mod themes can be edited to support this engine and a lot of themes have already been ported. There is currently no Theme index, but you can find most of the themes in this thread.


Xposed offers a simple and innovative way to modify your Android Stock ROM without the hassle of flashing, do you know any awesome Xposed modules, share it with us in the comments below.

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