Seagate Launches Industry’s Highest Capacity External Hard Drive

Most of us these days carry an external hard disk for all our music and multimedia files, with some of the disk space available on PC and laptops just doesnt seem enough. Also it makes our work easier to store all our stuff at one place which can be carried or shared faster. But as days keep passing by, it looks like the memory size keeps breaking barriers giving us enormous space to store all our stuff.

Seagate, one of the leading manufacturer of hard drives and storage solutions, announced its latest product, the new 4TB GoFlexDesk external hard drive. The new hard drive boasts to be the highest capacity hard drive currently available in the industry. This latest product from the company adds to the popular GoFlex lineup of external hard drives.

“Yet another industry first for Seagate, we have reached a new high-capacity in the 3.5-inch hard drive form factor. At Seagate, we are committed to pushing the limits for our customers and will continue to adapt and innovate our products based on customer needs. This latest GoFlex Desk drive offering, with its new industry-leading capacity point, is a statement of our continued commitment to meet consumer needs.” said Patrick Connolly, vice president and general manager of Retail products for Seagate.

“IDC foresees there being an increase in global demand for personal storage capacity driven by the growing creation and acquisition of digitized videos, photos and music,” said Liz Conner, senior research analyst, Storage Systems, IDC.

The new 4TB GoFlex hard drive comes with a unique streamlined industrial design reflects the aesthetic of today’s modern offices while still providing all of the benefits of previous generations of the GoFlex drives that is specifically meant for desktop usage. The hard drive comes with pre-loaded back up software, which provides automatic, continuous back up with encryption for all your files. The included USB 3.0 adapter also works with USB 2.0 ports making it easy to connect to your Windows or Mac computer. The adapter also features an illuminated gauge to display available space on the drive.

The Seagate GoFlexhard drive can be purchased from Seagate website for $249.99. You also order one from the Amazon store for $229. The GoFlex Desk for Mac external drive featuring both FireWire 800 and USB 2.0 will be available in Apple stores by the end of the month.

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