How to Send Articles to Your Kindle for Reading Later

Most people can’t go a day without finding an article or more that you’d love to read sometime later, and you may be bookmarking them. But when you are later back on the PC, you may find some work that’s to be done or are distracted by other stuff, leaving those articles in your bookmarks and you never return to read them.
Many people have dedicated devices like Kindle these days for all this reading, and it’s great actually, as it’s hard to get distracted with a focus-used device like the Kindle. You can subscribe to news and magazines and get them straight to your Kindle, but you may find something useful or interesting to read on a device that you may want to save to your Kindle for later reading.

There are many tools available that have some sort of sending to Kindle functionality, but many have tons of more features that you aren’t interested in. So, here in this post you’ll get a send-this-thing-to-my-kindle solution without anything fancy in it.

 Tinderizer (One click sending)

Tinderizer is a dead simple tool just for sending an article to your Kindle with a single click. Tinderizer is a bookmarklet that you can place on your bookmarks bar for easy access and just click it to send the article to your Kindle. When you click the bookmarklet, Tinderizer sends the current open article to it’s servers and the article is optimized for mobile reading, then it’s sent to Amazon’s servers where it is sent to your Kindle via Kindle’s Personal Document system to your Kindle via WiFi or 3G.

To use this tool, visit Tinderizer’s homepage and follow the easy instructions.
Firstly, you will have to let it send you the articles. To do so, add to your Kindle Approved Email List.Approved email listNow, to easily send the articles to your Kindle, you’ve got make a custom email

Enter your Kindle email in the text field in the Tinderizer homepage when asked. You can find your Kindle email on the very page you created the Kindle approved email list. Look at the top of the Personal Document Settings panel for “Send-to-Kindle E-Mail Settings”. There you need to locate the specific email address linked to the Kindle you wish to send the documents to. Typically, it’s your

Next, drag the “Send to my Kindle!” bookmarklet to your bookmarks bar.bookmarklet

Now you are all set! Just browse to any article you’d like to send and click the bookmarklet. It’ll show some progress and will dissapear.message

Now just turn your Kindle on and your article should arrive soon. You can check the status of it on the Manage your Kindle page.

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