3D Printing Isn’t Just Plastic Anymore

Much of the coverage surrounding 3D printers has kept a decidedly limited scope, focusing on the plastic toys and knick-knacks that basic desktop machines build with ease. There’s so much more to the printing world, though — as of this writing, over a hundred unique materials can be extruded and shaped in incredible ways. Nylon, sand, metal, and recycled plastics are just a few sources of limitless creation. Specialty printers have even figured out how to create durable structures with sugar and pizza dough, which opens up a new avenue of possibilities for modern chefs. Most importantly, 3D printers are helping to improve lives by shaping custom prosthetic limbs, pain-free skin grafts, and handicap assistance. Depending on the project, these machines can fit on your desk or take up an entire city block. Here’s a handy infographic to help explain the diverse ecosystem of 3D printing:

World of 3D printing

World of 3D Printing provided by Cubify

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