How to Completely Hide a Drive in Windows

If your PC is not so personal to you and only you, and someone else also uses it you may want some of your stuff to just be left untouched. I too share my laptop and PC with my sneaky cousins, room mates, and friends for whom searching and playing with my personal files is the first and favorite task to do when they have a chance :-x. Now, I just keep all my files I want no one to access on a separate drive and hide it completely. Now let’s take a look how to do so.

To learn how to hide a drive in Windows, open up Disk Management. To do so, right-click on Computer icon and select Manage.right click

Now, the Computer Management window should open up. Double click on Storage.Computer Managment

Double click on Disk Management.Disk Management

Now, all your drives should be visible in the disk management window. Right click on the drive you want to hide and choose the Change Drive Letter and Paths.. option.drives

Now, click the Remove button on the dialog box that pops up.Remove

You will now be prompted with a warning that programs that use drive letters will no longer function, click yes to continue.warning

That’s it! :D The drive will be gone and no one will easily find it.

Of course if those who are accessing and sharing your PC are Windows savvy, they may think to check if you are hiding disks and find them, so you may want to consider encrypting your information on those disks instead or as well and you can read this article on how to encrypt Windows files and folders.

NOTE: This will completely hide your drive, and you will have to open up the disk management and assign a letter to the drive access it.

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