Windows Tip: How to Disable Check Box for Windows Icons

Ever get a new Windows laptop or computer and notice that the desktop icons have check boxes now instead of just letting you easily drag and select them, does it annoy you when you click an icon you have to uncheck it or else you select multiple icons?  The check box was ideal when you had a touch screen laptop where dragging a finger like a mouse to create a select window wasn’t as practical but you may want to remove or disable this feature from time to time (or permanently) and here is a quick tip on how to do it.

  • Open up any folder
  • Click on View at the top, then Click on Options

  • When you have folder options open, once again click on View menu tab at the top.

  • Scroll down until you see “Use check boxes to select items”

  • Uncheck and click Apply and OK
  • This will instantly disable the check boxes for all Windows icons.
  • You can reverse these steps if you want to re-enable them again.

Again, having to check icons was rather annoying for me, and I prefer the standard (older) Windows method of selecting with mouse, holding Ctrl and selecting, or Ctrl+a to select multiple icons or files at the same time myself.  This particularly was annoying for my desktop, and this way you remove check boxes from your Windows desktop icons quickly and easily.

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