Windows Tip: How to Encrypt Files and Folders Easily

Many of you may have thought of encrypting your files, some personal photos or top-secret documents, or just ’cause it feels cool ;) , and perhaps you may have dropped that idea of encryption because it wasn’t easy enough or worthwhile. Encrypting sure sounds like a tedious job but it doesn’t have to be necessarily like that and EncryptOnClick makes this all literally just a matter of a couple of clicks.

Firstly, let me tell you that though this tool simplifies all this encryption process, it uses military grade 256-bit AES encryption with password protection. It also compresses your files. Now, before we begin you can download EncryptOnClick. After the download is done, just simply install it.

Once installed, open it.

Now choose whether you want to encrypt a folder or a file.

Here, i’m going to encrypt my C++ programs folder.EncryptOnClick Main Window

Now, Windows explorer will launch. Browse to the desired folder and click OK.Windows Explorer

Now it will ask for a password, enter a password made just click OK.Password Window

Now that’s it! Just let it complete the encryption process and all your files/folders are encrypted with military grade protection and all of it with mere 5-6 clicks. Encrypted files

Now to open a file/folder, just enter the password when prompted and you will have your file.DecryptingDecrypting any specific or all the files/folders is equally easy, just open up the program and choose Decrypt file/folder and enter your password then hit OK.

You can use this program to also encrypt data before you put it on USB flash drives if you want to backup important data, but obviously don’t encrypt any data that you want read by another device that doesn’t have this program.

Have some doubts to clear or some suggestion? Please comment below! :D

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