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If you are a fan of the High Fantasy genre, you should really set up a Tolkien themed hobby room. By doing so, you will be able to practice your fandom in the best place possible. Before you do though, you should make sure you have a set strategy. Here are some tips for setting up a Tolkien themed hobby room.

Choose A Fitting Location At Your Home

If you are going to build a Tolkien themed hobby room at your house, you should make sure that you choose the location as carefully as possible. Remember that your home only has a limited amount of space you could use, so it pays to check out the best places that you may use. If your area does not have enough space, you could utilize the attic or basement.

Have A Set Budget

If you’re going to invest money into your room, you should have a set budget. While the process is fun, you may get sucked into the process, and spend a fortune in the long run.

Before you start building your hobby room you should take the time to list down all your potential expenses. This should include the materials and other motifs that you might use in your hobby room.

Choose A Set Theme

While your hobby room should be as well decorated with Lord of the Rings motifs as possible, you should also make sure that you choose a set theme, and stick to it. Remember that there are many cultures that you could incorporate into your hobby room. You could use an Elven design, a dwarf one or a hobbit one. You may use any theme, however, you should make sure that you follow them to the letter.

Invest In Cabinets

If you want to make a great hobby room for yourself, you should invest in top quality displays for your many hobbies. For example, you collect Lord Of The Rings action figures, then it makes sense that you have beautiful display cabinets for them.

If you want good quality cabinets, you should have them customized to fit your theme. If you want to make your cabinets as beautiful as possible, you should hire a skilled craftsman. Just give them your specifications, and they will be able to make your cabinets as fantastical as possible.

If you want to make your hobby room as authentic as possible, you should hide the electrical wiring in your hobby room. If you want to hide your wiring, you should invest in a ul listed enclosure.Why not try out Eabel? The company has a wide variety of wire container options that you could use in your hobby room. By doing so, you will be able to hide your hobby room’s wiring, and not ruin the overall feel of your Tolkien room.

Buy Large Maps Of Middle Earth

One the most prevalent decorations in the Lord Of The Rings fandom, are the maps. The maps drawn by J.R.R. Tolkien is beautiful, and captures the love and details that he poured into them. Why not invest in large scale middle earth maps and hang them up on your walls? You should also invest in the right lighting for your hobby room. If you are going to use lighting in your hobby room, you should make sure that it fits your theme.

For example, you want your place to look like a hobbit party, then you could invest in beautiful fairy lights. You could put up your lighting in criss cross formations throughout your room. On the other hand, if you want your hobby room to look like a Dwarven home, you could have wooden torches set up, and light the insides with lights to simulate torchlight. Remember that you could utilize a wide variety of lighting options for your hobby room, what’s important is that you stick to your set theme.

Invest In Hanging Weaponry

Ever since the creation of the Lord Of The Rings movies almost 20 years ago, many artisan companies have made copies of Lord Of The Rings themed swords and weapons. If you want to make your Tolkien themed rooms as attractive as possible, you should invest in these weapons and hang them over your fireplace.

If you are going to hang your weapons over your hobby room, you should make sure that they are firmly secured. While the swords don’t have sharp edges they still have sharp points that could be dangerous if you don’t fasten them properly. You should also use gloves when you handle them.

Stack Your Books Like A Wizard Would

If you want to give your hobby room a more whimsical look, you should have your books and other paper stacked on top of one another. This might not be the normal way to store your books, however, if you take a look at Bilbo Baggins’ study, and library, he stacks his books in this way.

Aside from books, you could also use a wide variety of paper rolls and scrolls to give your hobby room a more ancient feel.

Build A Fireplace

If you take a look at the books and the movies, fireplaces are a constant in most scenes. Remember that it is in Bag End’s fireplace that the ring was first discovered by Gandalf. A myriad of other scenes also take place in front of a fireplace. If your room does not already have a fireplace, you could have it built. Just make sure that you follow fire safety rules while having the fireplace built.


Setting up a Tolkien themed hobby room is a dream for many high fantasy fans. Before you do set up your hobby room, you will need a plan. With these tips, you’ll be able to set up a great hobby room in no time.

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