Shield to Go Review

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Shield to Go is a multi-purpose device that is ready when you are. It is perfect for those on the go, who do not always get to log into their own computers, or even if you do, it provides an extra layer of security that you need in today’s world.

When I first heard about this device I honestly did not see that I would have a real occasion to use it. I am not a business man, I do not travel more than to the store and back and I do not do any high security stuff. After using Shield to Go, I changed my mind.

I could go on and on telling you about the business applications but since I am not a businessman, I will tell you about my uses. I am in college. I have a secure website I log into each and every day. Every day, I type in my user name and password, and select the check box to save my username and password. The next day I do it all over again. Ho hum, ho hum. It is tedious and not my favorite part of the day. With Shield to Go, I simply put in the Shield to Go Flash drive, Log into it, and in a few seconds, I have access to the system. After typing in the user name and password, Shield to go prompts me to save the information to the Shield to Go, drive, and it is done. I can and should book mark it on the drive, and I can set it as a favorite for quick selection.

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So, how is what I just said any different than doing this over and over each day? Well, now the next time I log into the site, I can do it through the Shield to Go, flash drive, and it will populate the information for me. No mess, no fuss. Also if you’re like me, you juggle several user names and passwords. Just use the Shield to go, drive and let it store the information for you. Now, when you need to log into your e-mail, and then your Facebook account, and then you’re…. You won’t have to strain your brain trying to remember what username and pass you used, and it is fast and simple, quick as lightning, done for you.

So by now, you’re probably asking how this is secure. Doesn’t the web browser prompt you to save the user name and password? Yes it does, but now you do not have to do that. Can’t someone just steal your Shield to Go Flash drive and log into your stuff? Well, yes they can and no they can’t. They can steal the flash drive, but since all of the data is encrypted, and requires a master password to open the program, your passwords, and usernames are safe.

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There is another feature that I like and that is if you have sensitive documents that need to be kept away from others eyes, this Shield to Go, flash drive is also for you. Once you log into the drive, a second virtual drive will open. You can add files and folders to this drive and until you log into the flash drive, it never shows up. That means that even if someone steals your Shield to Go flash drive, your data is safe.

There are a few limitations. It currently works with only 2 browsers. Internet Explorer, and Chrome. With Chrome you have to download an add-on and it is up and running. I have tested it on IE, and it runs very well I have not tested it on Chrome as I had an issue with that browser and I do not want to repeat the problems. I must say the issue I had was in no way related to the Shield to Go device.

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On a whim, I tried to copy the software from the Shield to Go flash drive to another flash drive to see if I could do anything with it, It copied just fine but, there was no running it. When I tried, the software informed me that the token could not be found. This further enhances my feeling of security as this is not just a simple software hack, and a hidden virtual drive, but a very secure, protected device, which will provide you with solid peace of mind.

Lastly before my closing remarks, I am reminded of something that you should also think of when deciding to buy Shield to Go. It is designed to protect your passwords another way as well. You see, some computers like those in public places might have key loggers installed. If a person enters into a secure site on one of those computers without Shield to Go, all of the things you type are open and visible to hackers. With Shield to Go, you can enter you passwords in using a Shield to Go virtual keyboard, and no keystrokes get logged in, you also have the option to let Shield to Go generate a random password for you for even greater security.

Over all, I am very impressed with Shield to Go. It is portable, easy to use and set up only takes a few moments. You can use it in so many different ways, and while not every computer will have chrome installed, nearly every computer has Internet Explorer installed. This means that no matter if you use Shield to go on your home computer, at work, or anywhere in between, you can rest assured knowing your information is safe and sound and away from prying eyes. I like that, and I am sure you will as well.


We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.