Showcasing the Translator Single Bluetooth Headset

Finding the perfect Bluetooth headset for your phone needs can be a pretty daunting task. Especially when looking for a headset that provides comfort as well as outstanding audio not to mention a headset that has a great amount of range and not needing to worry about connectivity. The Translator Single Bluetooth Headset provides you all of those mentioned at a very affordable price. Another very interesting feature and one that I can’t say I have seen on any other device is the ability to translate in real time what other users are saying if they are speaking in a foreign language so long as you have the app installed on whatever device you are using the headset on you will be able to understand others in their own language. The headset also features DSP noise reduction which also helps in providing a very crystal clear sound on the headset.


Voice translation: translates in-real-time between users speaking different languages using the APP
DSP noise reduction: deliver crystal clear voice without the distraction of background noise
 Bluetooth pairing: connects to most Bluetooth-equipped mobile phones, like iPhone, Samsung, etc.
Ergonomic fit: optimum comfort for all-day wear
8mm driver unit: deliver clear midrange and treble sound with rich, powerful bass
Two communication modes:
Ask mode: requires only one earbud and useful for simple conversations ( like asking for directions )
Auto mode: requires two earbuds ( each person wears one ). Absolutely hands-free communication with no distance limit
Note: support 16 languages translation ( English, Japanese, Korean, Russian, French, Thai, German, Italian, Arabic, Spanish, Danish, Swedish Finnish, Finnish, Dutch, Portuguese. Not just pure Chinese to other languages, other languages can also translate each other. For example: German to Russian, Russian to French, worldwide ) for iOS users, and Chinese-English translation for Android users
● Download APP ( from user manual’s QR code ), enjoy the road to translate, call, smart OTA upgrade

For those interested in a bluetooth headset that provides optimal audio as well as being able to help translate other languages you may not understand the Translator Headset is definitely for you. If you want to learn more about this product or purchase it, please click on the Gearbest image below.

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