Do Slot Machine Streamers Just Play Online Casino Games?

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Since Mr. Charles August Fey invented the first slot machine towards the end of the 19th century, they’ve been bringing joy to people everywhere. Whether in their traditional form, or sleek new games you can find online, gamblers have been free to play at their leisure for well over a hundred years, and the lure and love of slot machine has leaped into the digital world with online slot machine games that can be found at online casino games | King Casino for example.  Now one of the most interesting things you may learn from this article is that not only are slot machine games a lure for people to play in the hopes of making a profit or the thrill of winning a payout, but it also is a very popular category on streaming sites like Twitch where tens of thousands of people flock to just watch streamers play slot games online.

Twitch for example has over half a million people who follow the “Slots” category which is a catch all for online casino games in themselves, and at any one time you can find over 20 thousand people live and watching streamers spending money to try and show off that jackpot pull or spin during a live stream.  Some do it for the reactions, I mean people like seeing excitement and people winning, and others just have a love of the various slot machine games themselves and show off all the various slots that an online casino may offer.  Still others are sponsored by the online casino sites themselves to run stream channels to help showcase their site and games and bring in draw too.

Now obviously being a slot streamer is more difficult for countries and regions where gambling is limited, locked down or simply not legal.  This means many slot streamers are not USA streamers but from countries with more lenient or permissible regulation when it comes to online gambling sites.  When it comes to playing slot games online, especially when doing it for an audience I would say the risk or temptation to spend more than you should can be even greater because not only are you fighting your own desire to try and win a payout, but you are also looking to entertain an audience which may lead to even more temptation.

Still many slot streamers have a specific budget or simply play the donations, bits and sub income portions they get into their slot streaming, nothing like keeping a slot game going by a donation coming in where a viewer is donating you to play more or try a few more spins…etc.  Personally I have enjoyed playing slot games myself but usually only when I am at a casino with my wife and we do it together for fun combining spending time with testing out the latest new slot games, I usually like movie themed slots myself like the Willy Wonka one, or Lord of the Rings ones…etc.  But I am not sure if I personally would ever just watch someone play slots online, though I suppose if the personality was entertaining enough and the community built around a slot streamer was supportive, fun, and welcoming it may have appeal.

What do you think of the slot streamer niche and it’s growing popularity which set it apart from traditional video game streamers?

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.