SNAN Tire Pressure Monitoring System Review

SNAN sent me something I honestly never thought I might need, but now that I have it, I am not sure why I did not know I wanted it in the first place. I hope that sounded right, because this product is amazing.

Ok, so imagine that you live where I do, “Hi roomie”, no really, I live out in the country. Sometimes, against my better judgment, I drive down dirt roads. Sometimes I have no choice, and most of the times, that is when I pick up a spare nail. I did not even know I needed or wanted one, but you know tires, they want them and hold onto them until you get a flat tire. It hits when it is least convenient, and usually when you do not have time to deal with them.


But, if you have the SNAN Tire Pressure Monitoring System or TPMS for short, you just may catch that leaking tire before you are in trouble.

This device consists of 4 units that each attach to your tire valve stems, and replaces the valve stem cap on each tire. They are set to specific tires so if you rotate the tires, make sure you switch the caps around. These 4 sensors tie into a unit you plug into your lighter or utility plug inside your car. Now, once you power up the receiver the very first time, a warning alarm will sound while the sensors communicate with the receiver. (Mine took about 2-2.5 minutes). After this, it will not take so long.


As you drive, each sensor sends information to the receiver as it detects any changes to the pressure in your tires. As you drive, the air in each tire heats up, and the pressure increases. As it cools, it drops back to normal. Should there be a rapid change in pressure, like when a nail or other objects decides to hitch a ride, the sensor will reflect this and an alarm will sound.

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The manual has details on other settings you can change, and if you have questions, the customer service people are there to help out. I have found them to be wonderful and delightful people to deal with. I contacted them with a question about one sensor I had issues with and they helped me fix the issue in next to no time. I like that.

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If you do a lot of driving, get a lot of flats, or just want to be able to monitor the pressure of your tires while you’re using them, the SNAN TPMS is just what you need.

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Disclaimer: SNAN provided me with their Tire Pressure Monitoring System to review. All opinions are 100% mine and mine alone.

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