Spelunky Most Played Game on PS4 in My House

It is so funny when I think about it, how a simple indie game that was part of the PlayStation Plus at one point became the most played PS4 game in my house.  Granted this all changed when Call of Duty Black Ops 3 was released on Friday but it will take time before that starts consuming the amount of play hours.  The truth is Spelunky is simplistic and offers that couch co-op 4 player experience, with the battle mode being like a Super Smash Bros free for all.

The game is substantially harder to play in Adventure Mode with more than 1 player than single player as you accidentally hit, kill and blow each other up trying to explore the levels.

Watch our various Spelunky vids and I really hope they make a sequel or add some DLC for more maps, items, characters…etc.






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