Spyic Review: The Best Facebook Messenger Spy App

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Choosing the best application for spying on Facebook Messenger is really tough in today’s world as there is so much competition out there in the market and companies are dying to be the best. As there are so many options available so does the desire to be the best one. 

Most of these spy apps claim to be the best one but to believe them and selecting the right one is not easy, at least for a newbie it is a hell of a task. For professionals it is a bit easy because they are aware of the market and know about the ins and outs of it. 

Today as the technology has modified itself so do the ways of spying. In case you are in search of the best Facebook Messenger spy app then you have landed on the perfect place. Here we are going to let you know which option you should go for, so just read till the end.

Spyic, the Best Facebook Messenger Spy App

You would probably have heard about Spyic before in your life. In case you don’t then we are right here to guide you through this wonderful application so you will be able to know whether it is trust-worthy or not.

This app is exactly considered to be old is gold. All over the world there are millions of users who are using this application and enjoy their spying experience because the features it has for you to offer are really unique and out of the ordinary.

The thing I personally love about this application is its remote processing, as the users don’t have to touch the phone or remain close to it when they want to monitor the spied device. Everything is done via staying miles and miles away from the phone and the owner of the device will never get suspicious.

Ease of Usage

One of the main and foremost things about this app is that there is no need to acquire any kind of technical knowledge to make it work according to your spying needs. We can say that Spyic facebook messenger spy app is one of the ultimate options to look forward to.

Anyone can use it, follow the commands and execute them whether he or she wants to monitor Facebook Messenger or need to use it for any other kind of spying task. Even someone unprofessional can make this app work without any trouble.


This application is 100% safe for all of us to use as it operates all the tasks in stealth-mode. This feature makes it way too easy for all of us to use, as our privacy remains intact in any situation. You don’t have to be worried about being caught for spying after using Spyic.

Jailbreak and Root

Using Spyic is way too easy and simple for everyone as the task of spying doesn’t require much time and effort at the user’s end. Most of the spying tools ask you to jailbreak and root the device first to use it but with Spyic you don’t have to be bothered about it.

With the help of this monitoring tool there is no need to jailbreak and root the spied phone for monitoring Facebook Messenger or using it for any other spying activity. Both of these features take a lot of time and energy and most of the time the user loses interest or finds it really hard to follow the commands.

Web-Based Monitoring

This amazing application works perfectly fine with any kind of browser. There is no need to use any certain type to make this tool work according to your requirements.

Data Protection

Most of the spy applications save the data you draw out of the spied device and there are chances that the information gets leaked sooner or later. With Spyic there is no need to be worried about all of this because it doesn’t save any information and that’s a huge credit that goes to it.


This is a user-friendly application that lets you monitor Android as well as iPhones without bothering you to look for a seperate device for the different operating system. For Android you are supposed to install the application in the spied device and let the app work in the background.

After the process of installation ends you will be able to see that the icon has disappeared from the screen and the application has started working in the background. Spyic doesn’t take much space as it is really small in size. That’s one of the reasons it doesn’t drain the battery of the target phone.

For the iPhone you just need to add an iCloud account details of the spied device and your side of work has been one. You will see the app doing the rest of the work easily.


Spyic’s keylogger allows you to keep track of every single key-stroke that has been made on the phone. It involves everything that has been typed, sent and received through the spied device. When we say that every single tap then it means it also reveals passwords of the social media account.


With the help of this monitoring app you cannot only gain access to the spied Facebook Messenger, but also get to know about the contact numbers, names, media files that have been shared and received, even the ones that have been removed from the user.

You can also monitor Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, Snapchat, see images, videos, keep track of call logs, track the device and the rest of the tiniest details.

Spying on Facebook Messenger with Spyic

Step 1. As the initial step just sign up on Spyic and pick your preferred pricing plan that would be based on your spying needs.

Step 2. Now pick the spied device. It can be iOS or Android.

Step 3. In the case of the Android device you are supposed to download the application on your spied phone physically and hide it. Remember that this is the only time when you need to touch the phone.

Step 4. Now just add the details including name, age and operating system of the spied phone before you are about to start spying.

Step 5. In case you are dealing with an iOS phone then you only require the iCloud account details and your work is finished. 

Step 6. From here you are all set to open any web browser and gain access to your spied Facebook Messenger.


We can say with some surety that Spyic is one of the finest choices when it comes to monitoring Facebook Messenger for one reason or another. Now parents don’t have to be worried about keeping an eye on their kids as they can do it with the help of Spyic.

Just visit the official web-page of this amazing monitoring tool and you would be able to explore much more about the different subscription plans and the live demo to understand about the miracles of this tool in a better way.

In case you still have any quarries then you can try out the one month free trial of Spyic and later can go for the paid subscription plans. We hope that you would love your spying journey with the help of Spyic.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.