Starbound – A Truly Beautiful Game

What is Starbound?

Starbound is a 2D pc game currently in development by a small company called Chuckle Fish. As of yet there has been no release date. For the graphics, they are very close to a big 2D hit which has been out for a long time and has shaped 2D games we see today, this hit is called Terraria. The videos which have been posted on their Facebook show the games quirky and retro graphics which really makes the game simple yet enjoyable. So far the game has been in development for around a year and it is clear that they have spent a long time making it easy and simple for users to explore and build.
What do players do in Starbound?
Players will start by hurtling across a galaxy in an out of control space pod which is carried helplessly across the stars leading the player to a vast and incredible adventure inside a huge sandbox. Users are in charge of their very own space ship which can be fully customised and is full of potential and on their travels players can find upgrades and ways to repair their ship.

Eventually players will be able to settle down on a planet. Once this has happened the whole planet can be changed, for example if players don’t like the weather they can just build a weather center  if they don’t like the terrain then they can terraform it. An added feature is NPC’s, on the player’s travels they will encounter various NPC’s which will travel back with you to your home planet and they will settle down where can then help you and will sometimes ask for your help. You can literally do anything from capturing space aliens and training them to fight for you or producing a vast array of mechs to use on planets.

What specs do I need to run this game?
Unfortunately the dev team has not mentioned the specifications yet however they have mentioned some good news for people with old PC’s. Here is what they said:

“The game is still in development at the moment, so the specs are subject to change. But we’ve had good success running it on very old hardware so far!”


Currently Starbound is shaping up to be a game which will long be talked about and will always be a reference for 2D games but remember, anything is possible in Star Bound.. The question is what will you do?

This video demonstrates the building in Starbound:

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