Stock Photo Trial Subscription for Bloggers

One of the best stock photography sites for bloggers is called Depositphotos and they have a great program where they are offering a free trial subscription for other bloggers who are willing to test out their service and write a post about them.  You gain the benefit of getting dozens of high quality stock images you get to keep and use just about anyway you want while they get the benefit of being showcased to your audience.


In addition, you can offer to host a contest and give away a free subscription trial for one of your readers and they can gain the benefit of testing out Depositphotos for themselves.  I have been using Depositphotos almost exclusively for all of my blog image needs since January 2012 when they first contacted me and asked me to start my own free trial.

They have over 7.5 million images to choose from and there are so many categories they have something on their site that would fit virtually any niche or category blog.



I encourage fellow bloggers or web site owners looking to add more image content to consider trying out the free subscription for bloggers from Depositphotos.  You can get up to 150 images or more if your site generates enough traffic, they take the time to work up a fair subscription plan with you in exchange for reviewing and writing about their stock photography site.

For those who finish up with their free trial, or who want to look right away at benefits and pricing just visit the Depositphotos site and search for images, and you can see how vast the library is, you can choose to purchase individual images for a reasonable price but you get much better value when you purchase a subscription plan.

I serious found everything from marketing images, gadget images and even some great dragon logo’s and images.  In fact if you see the buttons in the H3 font on this site, these were made from an image I got from Depositphotos.

See Example H3 Button


You can even find entire collections of social media buttons as well, you can pick up a whole slew of new share buttons for your site with the free subscription.

So if you are a blogger consider getting a free subscription plan in exchange for a review by checking out their Depositphotos for bloggers offering.

-Dragon Blogger

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