Hootsuite Can Publish to Your WordPress Blog

Good news Hootsuite users, you can now connect Hootsuite to your self hosted WordPress blog via the Hootsuite WordPress.org application written by Quinn Sakunaga.  This application allows you to enter your credentials and connect to your WordPress blog using the XML-RPC protocol (the same way Live Writer does). From the Hootsuite application you can now see all of your blog posts, comments and even reply to comments on your self hosted WordPress blog from within … Read more

Hootsuite Now with AutoScheduling

One of my favorite social media tools Hootsuite now has an Auto Scheduling feature which recently rolled out.  This feature now will automatically queue your tweets for predetermined intervals instead of forcing you to manually select a date/time for them to go out or be stuck posting immediately. Here is a video tutorial showing you how it works:   Enabling Hootsuite AutoScheduling To enable Auto Scheduling, just log into your Hootsuite Dashboard Click AutoSchedule to … Read more

Social Media Management with Gremln

I have used a variety of tools over the past few years to manage my social media accounts, and to this day there is one tool that still has some features you can’t find in any of the other tools that I use. These features are found only in Gremln which you may know because the former application was known as Twaitter before being redesigned and renamed.  First of all, if you don’t pay for … Read more

HootSuite – The Ultimate Twitter Management Tool?

When @AnnEvanston  one of my twitter followers mentioned the Hootsuite tool has the ability to track how many clicks your links were getting on Twitter, I thought I would check the tool out and see how it fared against other Twitter tools. Boy was I surprised I had not heard of this tool previously. Hootsuite is indeed one of the best, if not The Best twitter management tool I have found and for several reasons. … Read more

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